Large metal objects underwater freak me out...

by Amanda
(Montana) its not so much of a phobia as a major discomfort. Drains at the bottom of pools, chains that anchor docks, big metal anything underwater. I can be ON something metal floating in the water but not IN the water with the object. If I can't see it it doesn't bother me cause I don't know its there. The other day I was kayaking with my boyfriend and we went up this side section of river and I paddled over this long orangish object. At first I thought it was a fallen tree trunk but something was off. I then realized it was an old rusted pipe...a huge one! I got the heeby geebies and couldn't have paddled away any faster! I can look at pictures of metal objects underwater. Small metal objects don't bother me. Large objects that are not metal don't bother me. Its very strange and very specific and for the life of me I can't figure out where this fear came from.

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