Kinemortophobia - The struggle is real

by Reese

Kinemortophobia is a fear of the undead or zombies. I cannot stay outside in the dark long as I get really panicked. I have a glass back door and I have to lock it for fear of a zombie pressing its hands to the door and opening it. I constantly look around in my dark garden for movement. I am slighly over it, so I can go outside in the dark, only if someone is near (by the door or outside with me). It is strange as I used to lay outside and star gaze. I used to love the dark outside and now I am terrified. I even have a plan in case the zombie apocalypse starts. I even am thinking about converting my cellar into an emergency bunker in case it happens. I know it is irrational and stupid but I am so scared. It all started when I watched a youtuber play the Walking Dead. The struggle is real...

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