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Kakorrhaphiophobia also known as fear of failure and fear of defeat.


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It is a sleep-robbing phobia that snatches away your mental peace.

This type of pbobia does have a significant impact on the quality of your life and before it worsens life to a great extent; look out for possible solutions.

What Triggers Kakorrhaphiophobia?
Kakorrhaphiophobia initiates from the very childhood in the school level.

It so happens that the fear takes a perpetual shelter in the mind with the growing of age, when you confront the adversities of the big world outside school.

Life becomes more complicated and the peer pressure grows strong, thus pushing you into a world where competition is very high. It plagues your mind, thus deterring you from thinking logically.

The fear may erupt for every trifle reason like fear of marriage, fear of being bad parent, fear of failing to get a good job, fear of not getting promoted are some of the most common fears that clouds the mind and stops you from reaching any concrete decision.

Fear of failure or Kakorrhaphiophobia tends to overpower your life, when the pressure is unbearable from all facets of life and you feel the obligation of outstanding the others around you.

An inner conflict is usually very common at this point and you feel a surge of unrest nibbling at your peace slowly and steadily.

The main problem is that you feel that you are not safe and unless you prove yourself, you are not worth of all the others around you. So, you are always at the edge of fear of taking risk, since that may lead to fear of failure.

Eliminating The Fear Of Kakorrhaphiophobia
The right way to start garnering courage is by accepting risk and failure at the same time. Have a logical reasoning in mind that failure is part of life and unless you fail, you will never succeed. You have to move on in life and so accept both negative and positive circumstances gleefully.

This will encourage you to get along with life and that too very happily. Make yourself willing to accept new things always. But always try new things with innovative and experienced ideas.

You may also seek advice of counselors to help you combat the adverse situations and get along with life.

Shed off a few complicated feelings from the mind like feelings of jealousy, anger, selfishness, weakness, inadequacy, unhappiness and discomfort. Extract the passion of life from what you have got and you will eventually find happiness.

Be free to talk with those around you and embrace life as it comes.

Kakorrhaphiophobia – Nlp Technique Speaks Above All
The NLP self help techniques are the root solution to your problem of Kakorrhaphiophobia. NLP is a set of methods that have been refined and tested over years and have proved effective for many.

It reprograms your fear actions through a long lasting and painless technique.

Talk-therapy, medication and cognitive behavior therapy are useful to certain extent, but if you want a permanent solution to your problem, then seek to NLP self help techniques for solving fear of failure.

You will eventually find a successful solution in driving away the negative thoughts and ideas from your mind completely and solve Kakorrhaphiophobia.

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Posted by Jan Heering
Phobia Treatment Expert and author
Founder and President of the Morpheus Institute and

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