Jewerly Phobia

by Astrid. Jarquin
(Los Angeles)

Ever since i was a little girl
i been having Jewerly phobia i just can;t stand people when they are near me. I hate it when they put it in there mouth eww that is so nasty i hate it when people have more then 3 necklases on and there hand is full of rings i even vomit when i see people like that when i was 8 my mom she would always wanted to buy me a necklase but she knew i was disgusted by it
so she use to have this ugly ass necklase and she made me wore it for 3 hours so i would get rid of that phobia so while those 3 hours all i had in my mind was eww i want to vomit i felt like my neck was burning
ever since that day she she knew that it wasnt a dum thing of me that it was serious i have a phobia
also when she cooks spagetti i can't eat at all
because it reminds me of the necklase
another phobia i also have is pennies
i hate change every time i go shopping and pennies is my change i always throw it away and i wash my hands

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