jewelry phobia

by mac

So I have this jewelry phobia forever. As a small kid I apparently demanded my
grandmother to take it off. I can spot that somebody is wearing smth
(I hate this word even) from long distance (sun reflection). The
thinner and longer it is (the thing in ears or around neck / wrist)
the more it is disgusting. Few times in my life I had to touch it - I
could do it only through toilet paper and my whole body was disgusted.
I'm a guy and I reject 95% woman population for this reason. Once my
girlfriend for fun borrowed from a friend this and putted in her ear
for few seconds just as a joke - few days I had very bad feeling when
looking at her. Now I can talk to people wearing it but I specially
hate to eat when somebody around is wearing it (the cook/waitress please nooooo!).
I dont think I would even like to change this. It's really disgusting.

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