Jewelry Phobia

by Martin
(Hull, Yorkshire, UK)

I have an intense Jewelry Phobia.

It is intensely strong with dangly jewellery like earrings and necklaces ; especially when intricate and fine. In fact even writing this is making my skin itch and me shudder. Intimate piercings are the same and a complete turn off. I get a similar but less intense feeling from thought of piercing,e.g. belly button jewellery and tongue but it isn't the piercing its self it's what goes in it. I also dislike metallic tastes which may be connected.

I'll have to stop writing for a while, I'm starting to sweet, shake and hyper ventilate.

A couple of minutes have passed and I've regained my composure. I'm not fearful person, I've done dangerous sports, rock climbing, white water kayaking and extreme off-road motorsport. I can keep calm even when my life and limb depends on skill and composure.

I have less of a problem with very simple jewellery, plain plastic bangles no problem, plain metal wedding bands easily over come, but add any kind of pattern to it and my hackles immediately fire with the intensity linked to the intricacy .

I know it's deeply irrational, like some people with spiders or creepy crawlies, which I can handle no problem. It's nothing I can explain. I just don't like it. I can't wear any jewellery myself, I don't even wear a watch, I could probably wear a plastic watch it didn't have a metal clasp.

I spoken to one other person with similar feels and he puts it down to his aspergers, which is interesting because I'm a geek who recognise a lot of the aspergers symptoms in my own character traits, even though I don't subscribe to it be being a syndrome.

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