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jewellry phobia
by: laura

im so happy im not the only person with a phobia of jewellry. it frankly, makes me feel physically sick, especially chains the thinner the worse. i work in a clothes shop and today for examnple a collegue came into the staff room as i was eating lunch and started untangling a bunch of necklaces, he wasnt aware of the phobia but i had to throw away my food and walk out of the room. like another person has said plastic jewelly is ok i guess... but chains are just a no no. if i accidetly touch one i have to disinfect my hands and if i cant do it right away i can feel it burning my skin. i avoid people who wear a lot, my mum cant wear any as she knows it will make me feel ill, if i go to a restraunt and the waitress is wearing a necklace i have to look away and feel sick and panicky, i split up with a guy cos he bought me a necklace for christmas and i was so angry i dumped him (wasnt a kid i was 24 at the time!) im single but a guy could be as attractive as he likes if hes wearing a chain that is literally all i would see!!!! glad im not alone.... but i have to stop now cos my stomach is literally turning over

So glad i'm not the only one!
by: Eilish

Everything above has described my feelings toward it. It's not just jewelry phobia either. It's anything that resembles it, like certain keyrings, or anything with a chain. The thing that most makes my stomach turn is when people put necklaces (I even hate that word) in their mouths! My friends and even my mum finds this all very funny annoyingly and take great pleasure in waving jewelry in my face.I aswell as my friends have noticed that when i'm aware of someone playing with intricate metal in the vicinity my face turns bright red and my hands sweat. Does anyone have this also?

by: Anonymous

Im 15, and Ive had a strong phobia of jewelry for as long as i can really grosses me out, and it sucks because my little sister likes to leave her necklaces (ugh) lying around in the bathroom...its so gross, it makes my want to barf... My parents know, but i dont think they really believe me.. also I sometimes have trouble with some kinds of silverware, im not sure if thats normal or not...

my wife thinks im crazy and i need help
by: rey

i was just here sitting and i see my wife take off a set of dangly jewelry earings, but below was my cup of water. i was so disgusted and told her to throw the water away. to me its almost as if there are germs or particles that will just jump out and sicken me poisening the water. i now feel bad because my wife thinks that "she" grosses me out , which is not true. is there a name for this, i wouldnt consider it a phobia im not afraid or terrified. i dont know yet but my hands fist up and my teeth tighten and clasp together as if bracing myslef for impact. if i do touch jewelry i rub that area or wash my hands, my stomach also turns as if finding a hair in my food. i just cant keep on not thinking about it.
if anyone has something similar, id like to chat about it. my email is architects2001 at

by: Anonymous

This is shocking, i thought i was the only one who is disgusted by jewellery, ever since i was like 8 or 9, im 25 now. Main jewelley on my hate list is Rings, especially when ppl wear iton their index finger/thumb/pinky.. its soo disgusting, when i see classmates or someone wearing it, i don't even wanna touch them. I got more guy friends than girlfriends, so im glad that guys don't get involved in jewellery as much as girls but just imagining that ring on someone and it touching me.. so disgusting. My family knows about it, but they think me hating on jewelery is jus silly or i don't want to spend money on them or something like that. I tried to think maybe it could be some sort of childhood trauma but nothing like that came to mind. i can tolerate watches(for some reason rubber watches don't affect me.. its always the metallic ones), hand chains, necklace i can tolerate a bit but i still hate them, i only wear it when i go to a event involving family and stuff(birthdays/weddings etc) but i still hate them touching my body! wonder if there is any research into this, i really want to know why i hate them(not scared but disgusted)

oh i can so much understand you
by: borinod

when i was 4 or 5 years old, my mum got me that horrible golden wristlet with my name engraved. I managed to opened it every night just to get rid of it (not so easy for a 5 yearold using only one hand) i've had this disgust since i can think. people who stick their pendant into the mouth... eek!!!!

me too
by: james

everything you've said pretty much explains me, (except for finding jewelry at the bottom of my bowl. That thought will haunt me now.) The phobia has made me go so far as to leave the room if there are earrings on the coffee table. The idea of touching any type of small chain, or bracelet, or clasp (barf!) etc. and my stomach turns. However, if it's some sort of stainless steel or small ball bearing, i'm totally fine. I can work with metals not problem. However, the instant they become tiny linked chains, or something worn on the body. I'm out. I don't know what the name of the phobia is, but i'm curious. It hasn't been crippling, so I'm not really interested in facing the fear. Aside from anything else, it's been a cute story that I tell girlfriends, and my current one wears barely any. just a little ring in her one ear. However, if my hands graze it... or God forbid my lips touch it, there's definitely a moment of horror. Stay strong!

Ok i want to talk.
by: Matthew F

ok i am 21 years old and i have i guess a phobia of jewerly. it dosent scare me i just cant touch it and i cant stand ppl that wear it i think they look gross. ive been this way ever since i was a kid. when i was about 4 or 5 i took dish gloves and took all of my moms and sisters jewerly and threw it away.... i would just like to speak with anyone about this. my email is bigbear7543 at ive never had the chance to talk to anyone like me everyone i tell tells me im crazy :(

I also have it
by: Gaz

I've had this all my life as far back as I can remember. When I was about 8, I remember eating whilst my parents were watching types of jewelry shows and I was afraid that I would find it at the bottom of my bowl. This put me off so bad. Anything dangly, or patterned makes me feel giddy and disgusted. If it touches me, I rub the spot continiously until the feeling has gone, even if my skin hurts after. Any sign of jewelry puts me off women who wear it as well.

I Hate Jewelry
by: Kim

It's so great to hear that there are other people that feel the same way about jewelry. Even the word itself makes me alert to my feelings about it. I feel embarrased about it also because everyone thinks its weird. And if anyone ever needs help doing a chain clasp or something, I try not to make eye contact! I've been caught once or twice and HAD to face my fear and clip it together (I have the creeps thinking about it), where afterwards i'd be quietly scraping my fingers to get it off me. ugh. I've had to 'not be silly' and wear certain pieces on different occasions as a child and a bridesmaid. wish I didn't feel this way. There's too much dangly jewelry in the world!

tounge ring
by: Anonymous

I am a dentist, I have this dislike of jewellery too. One day, i asked a patient to remove her tongue piercing cos it turns my stomach to look into someones mouth with this rotten thing dangling around!! ...only problem was she couldnt get it back in through the little hole after and I had to do it!!!! it was the most grossest thing!! i thought i was gonna puke!!!
i told my boyfriend recently that i wont wear an engagement ring if he was to get down on bended knee. He was a little put out!!

by: Anonymous

i thought i was the only person with this phobia....yeeeeeeuck. im a nurse and i no way can touch patients who wear colleagues are very understanding if a little bemused. no idea why i am soooo disgusted by it...nausea and fear if it comes near me!!!

by: Tom

I feel totally the same way, i remember the feeling since i was young. Im not scared of jewlery in the same way as i would be if i was attacked or if i was to watch a horror movie but the shinnyness of it and it being through skin is horrifying. Patterns make it worse, it sticks out a lot more and is very noticable, i cant describe the way it feels but my reaction to it is as if i had been for a long run, my heart beats fast, i sweat. even right now i feel those symptoms thinking about it. Also with the other comment if i by anychance touch an earing i have to rub it untill the feeling goes, sometimes resulting in friction burns. Is this a recognised phobia?

by: Joe

I have the same phobia mate. I don't consider myself 'afraid' of jewelry but I certainly can't touch it - No way.
I can just about touch plain rings but anything dangly or most ear-rings in fact, I can't even think about touching.
It's so bloody weird but there are quite a few people who have it actually. Put a necklace or chain on me and I'll quietly rub the touched body part for a minute to get the feeling off!!

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