jewellery phobia and the cure

I have this strange fear of jewellery, which I have discovered is not actually that uncommon. Even before I looked it up online I knew others with the same problem.
This phobia is not something I've dreamed up. According to my mother I was born this way. I'm not neurotic about other things, I actually rather like snakes. I can take spiders or leave them alone, enclosed spaces don't bother me at all, it's really just this one thing that I have a problem with.
Nevertheless about a year ago I broke up with my boyfriend who accused me of being wrong in the head because of this. Lots of accusations were thrown at the time, as they often are in breakups but this one hurt so I've been working on "curing" myself.
Today I actually managed to wear a leather bracelet all day. I was quite proud of that. It wasn't as difficult as I'd thought but in the process I discovered a strange sideeffect to never having worn something like this before.
I kept glansing at it and thinking "what's the point?"
Some part of my brain cannot get used to the idea of wearing anything purely decorative. I get the purpose of a watch, it tells time. I understand decorative scarves which keep you warm at the same time, but I had no frame of reference for a bracelet. It was a very strange feeling.
In the end it made me doubt that I even want to be "cured". I actually rather like myself the way I am. I've never missed wearing jewellery. I've always been able to cope in my day to day life and frankly not dating men with piercings is a good rule of thumb in any case.
If I go on with this perhaps I'll try wearing a metal watch.

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