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i have the same thing!
by: Anonymous

i have the exact same phobia, but its more with metal things, im ok with leather and that sort of thing...
ive had it from as far back as i can remember, one of my earliest memories was to do with it!
im not scared of any other things, and i would like nothing more than a pet tarantula! its just the thought of having to touch makes me rech!
ive never been to botherd about curing it (i think that may be because part of the phobia for me is not wanting to have to go near it, but i think it has gotten a little better as ive grown up.
if forced, i can touch it for VERY breif amounts of time, and i can hug people wearing it...but i cant see it getting better
ahh just kinda glad im not the only one!

by: Samantha

That's a pretty odd Phobia, I haven't heard of it before. And the purpose of jewellery is of course, to decorate yourself and look pretty :) Even though that's a little bit of a hypocritical comment for me since the only thing I wear is an Ankh Necklace, but I forget it's even there and it isn't really for show lol. You don't need to worry about it though, it's not like you need jewellery :P but if you want to get over it then just wear something simple and you'll get used to it.

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