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OMG I found my people
by: A

I've been suffering this for most of my life, no reason at all.

I just need to hear half the first note to immediately curl down in a ball, close my eyes and start screaming in terror as a way to not keep listening.

I feel less alone now.

Ever since I could remember
by: Jesse

Ever since I could remember I was afraid of this and I don't even know why, now I am turning 21 and it still makes me feel anxious and panicky.
Once I heard it on a bus as it was someones ringtone and I sort of just had an anxiety attack on the back of the bus.

I am glad I am not the only one... the XFiles-phobia is real.

I thought i was the only one!
by: Anonymous

I'm so glad to see i'm not the only one that is terrified of this. My brother used to hum it in the night when i was little to scare me.
I'm 21 now and whenever i hear it, i curl up into a ball, plug my ears and start screaming for someone to turn it off. I even cry sometimes, it's terrible!

by: Alecz

Me too! I tought i was the one but I have been suffering from this since i was practically a baby and everytime i hear it i just cover my ears and scream and i get paralyzed :(

by: Tom

I had nightmares when i was little about this stuff because my mom loved the show and it was o when I was going to bed.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Oh my god, I'm happy that I'm not the only one too. When I was about 8 or 9, I remember staying up late and that stupid theme music would come on at like, 3 AM!
I have no idea why, I don't want the X Files, but the theme scares me so bad. It makes me want to cry sometimes. Lol, it seriously scares the **** out of me.

Your Not Alone,
by: Ashley

I'm just as frightened by that song as you are. Whenever it starts to play Im seiged by panic and anxiety and am completely and utterly un-able to function. Im just happy to find that Im not the only one. I thought I was nuts, hah.

It's ok, I understand
by: Anonymous

that's totally fine, I have a phobia of the "buena vista telivision" logo/jingle. people say stuff about me being afraid of a song too. look "buena vista telivision"up on youtube to see what I'm talking about.
good luck!

It's ok
by: Anonymous

I too suffer from this debilatating disease. THe theme song scares the bejesus outta me. Whenever someone even so much as hums the tune I get close to wetting myself. It is ok, reach me at

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