It's not an eating disorder.... it's a phobia of eating in front of other people!

I have a phobia of eating in front of other people. Whenever I do it makes me feel uneasy and awkward. During lunch in school, I don't eat anything at all.

This phobia started a year ago out of the blue. I've never had an eating disorder and it has nothing to do with my weight or appearance nor with what I want people to think of me. It's very strange because the only time I feel comfortable eating in front of others is when there are very few people or when I'm alone.

Apparently nobody has ever heard of this phobia. Could I possibly be the first to? Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with my self-conscience. I'd really like to gain my confidence to eat back. It's really starting to bug me because now someone has started a rumor in school that I'm anorexic. Which I'm not.

My parents know of my fear but don't take mind to it and simply think it's nothing more than a "phase" I'm going through. But it literally scares me. I just don't know how eating could scare a person!

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