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Many people have this, it is a social disorder. look up "what is a phobia of eating in front of other people called" and you'll see what I mean

I'm really struggling to help my 5yr old with this
by: Anonymous

Hi everyone. I'm really struggling to help my 5yr old with this problem. She eats nothing if left in school for lunch! If I bring her home to eat she'll happily tuck in. Childrens parties are becoming a nightmare because she knows food is coming she is very nervous from the off! The teachers support has been minimal as been encouraged to just let her get on with it but, can see how much this is effecting her! Don't want the issue to get worse for her! Please help!

I understand
by: Aulex

Ay mate I have the same fear, I?m petrified to eat in front of people. If I absolutely have to I?ll eat scarcely anything at all. Or I?ll just drink something. But even drinking in front of people at times is a struggle. My husband has to watch to make sure I actually eat because there are days that I won?t eat anything. So don?t worry hon I understand you. It took me the longest time to even eat in front of my husband. So don't feel bad.

Can't eat in front of people
by: Anonymous

I had the same fear in school and still kinda have it now, although now I think I at least pick at the food in front of me or take tiny bites. I still don't finish it though. It's almost like if there's too much in my mouth and people are staring or talking to me, I'll wanna throw up or spit my food out. You're definitely not alone. I'm not sure what causes this. I used to think it was cause my parents or babysitters pressured me to eat all my food, but now I think it's just a general anxiety disorder. Keep your head up!!

by: Anonymous

try this out-

1. Sit alone and think what if others see yu eating? At the max they will pass comment,it's ok na. Isn't it better that they pass comment on ur eating rather than on ur phobia. Prepare urself mentally and eat in front of people. Try first with ur close people, family members, friends, strangers and then some more strangers and practice it gradually. Nobody else but you yourself can help in overcoming your phobia.
2.If you feel problem is too much and even after trying hard, you are not even able to change a bit and there is a fear of worsening, consult some psychiatrist. You may require to take medicine in acute cases and in some cases you may just control with a little practice. I hope it helps you all

Don't be happy thinking that you're not alone. Rather see around you and think , when all those remaining 1000 healthy people can eat without caring for others and their comments, why can't you?
Make yourself understand that it's your birth right to eat as per your choice.
If someone has spread that you''re anorexic, don't care about them. The more you care, the more anxious you become. Always tell yourself, you're alright, you have no eating disorder, you are just anxious and you will be alright soon with practice and then you will be alright only.

Me too!
by: Den

I also have the fear of eating in front of other people. From as young as I can remember I won't eat around other people because I fear that someone hungry will see me eating and that would break my heart.

part of something else
by: Anonymous

I think this phobia is related to social phobia which is fear of being scrutinized by other people. I have this fear and also a fear of writing in front of other people for the same reasons. I'm afraid people will watch and criticize me if I do something wrong. It's a horrible feeling that I can't control. I know just how you feel.

Omg me tooooo!!! I thought I ws the only one!!!
by: Emersyn

Hey, I totally feel the same way! And my fear started out of the blue too! So strange, but I'm glad I now know I'm not the only one!!!

I have this fear too
by: Anonymous

I can not eat in front of people either. I have avoided going on dates because of this reason lol. I am in college and have been suffering from this fear for the past like seven years. I have had my ups and downs. I do see a therapist and take medication but that started when other things fell apart. I try my best not to worry about it because its not really changing for me right now. My advice is to maybe seek some therapy to open up to someone about it and see what is the underlying issue that makes you afraid. Do you have close friends that you can open up to? Maybe you could go to the library and do homework if the cafeteria thing isn't working out. I know how nerve wracking that was. I don't think I could eat in a cafeteria if I had to go back to high school. Maybe just have a juice or some sort of liquid that isn't water while you are at lunch. Maybe try taking mints or chew gum. It takes baby steps lol. Know that it is okay to have this fear and you are not alone. Owning it is better than being embarassed about it. Its okay to be socially anxious.

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