itchy with numbers

by tammy
(orlando florida)

Im an M.A. Student and as far as any of my classes i have been a straight A student until a couple of semesters ago I am required to take a college algebra class as a prerequisite for my degree.

I signed up for the class and made it to only 3 before i had to drop it I would have an anxiety attack when ever i would walk into the class room by the 3rd class it got so bad that i couldnt even breath i got up i walked out and went to see my dean that allowed me to drop the class for the time being.

Im going to attempt to take it on line in the hopes that i might be calmer in my own home but thats not the worst of my story.

I also have to take pharmacology as well and i find the class very interesting until we got to the drug calculations again with numbers so i took a deep breath and told my self i would just do my best i started to take my notes and attempted to do the math portion and all of a sudden i started itching and one of my class mates looked over at me and i had broken out in a rash all over my neck and chest my shoulders and when i got home it was on my back as well.

Im at a total loss as to why im affected like this nothing else in the world has ever done this to me in my life and i would like to try to find an explanation if any one might have one. my father was an accountant, both my children are math wizzes and im the one who breaks out like a crazy person . thanks for listening sincerely itchy with numbers

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