Is my fear normal?

hi. my name is Lauren.I have liked the same guy for 2 1/2 years and he has dated 5 or 6 girls in that time. he is sorta popular, but even though i am the least popular in school, we r really close friends. he lives down my street and we walk home together with a few other ppl. he just got out of a relationship and is currently availible, but i dont know how to ask him out. ive told him i liked him about a year ago and he said he didnt like me. we have had some clicks (held hands on a dare and have hugged for a few secs) but i dont think he likes me. im scared he wont like me. that is my fear.... stupid right? well i guess everyone fears sumthing. i fear the guy i like wont like me back. stupid. i hate this fear. the only reason i tink he wouldnt like me is cuz im a little over weight and have acne and i have frizzy hair and i have no sence of hummor. i'm scared he wont like me back and that he wont goout with me if i asked him out. :(

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