Is it a phobia? Feeling uncomfortable when the lights are turned off

by Ashley

Since an early childhood I've had the feeling that unlike other children I don't feel uncomfortable when the lights are turned off, otherwise I've liked the feeling of being in the dark. It helped me to feel protected of possible enemies. Since then I never remember a day I've been alone and I've switched on the lights of a room which has windows. Yes, "window" is a key word here. The same does not relate with other part of the house which does not have a window or other type of connectable means of outside world. I think the inner fear comes from the thought that someone is following me from outside and if turn on the light he/she will certainly know that I'm at home. That's why I almost always do not switch on the lights unless I am not alone.

Have you ever had such feelings? What are your interpretations about such actions? Do you consider it a phobia or a symptom of a certain type of disorder?

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