IRS Sale

You’re probably wondering what on Earth does 2 manuals, 3 bonuses, the IRS, and a sale all have in common. Well, I’ll tell you but I have to admit that it’s a bit embarrassing...

I just wrapped up my personal taxes - and I got a bit of a surprise. Actually, it was a pretty big, nasty surprise. I am going to have to write a great big check and send it off to the Dutch IRS (they are called Belastingdienst in the Netherlands) on Tuesday.

I suppose I really should have seen this coming. We had countless new customers this last year for our Phobia Treatment business so our sales truly skyrocketed. But regardless, this tax bill really took me by surprise.

So I need to bring in some cash quickly to be able to pay this bill. Bottom line, I am putting my Phobia Release Program AND my Energy Therapy Phobia Release Program on sale for a couple of days. Call it an "IRS Sale" if you will. Now you understand how everything correlates.

Originally, I hadn’t planned to discount these products. In fact, I was thinking hard about *RAISING* the prices. But when the reality of that check that I have to write out on Tuesday sunk in, I revamped my plans and decided upon a sale instead.

So here it goes... my Phobia Release Program AND my Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release manual are going to be on sale until Wednesday, April 16th.

*** You can get these exiting manuals at an unheard of low price... this is BY FAR the lowest price *EVER* for these phobia treatment products. The REAL deal is you can save $39.90!***

Phobia Release Program

You can start living life unhindered with the aid of my PHOBIA RELEASE Program. Your phobia has held you captive long enough, hindering your life, and making life less enjoyable. In this how-to-manual I teach you proven, effective techniques to release your phobia for good.

You don’t have to live life like this anymore. No one has to live in fear; just not everyone knows how to break away from it. You now have the opportunity to break free from it and live life fully.

With this fast method, you can be phobia free in just 10 minutes a day!. You have nothing to lose…but quality of life to gain.

For more information on the Phobia Release manual, please see
Phobia Release Program
(You’ll also see that this must-have manual is regularly priced at $67.00)

Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release Manual

You can vanquish your phobia even quicker with the help of my Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release manual.

Studies are showing Energy Therapy to be the best technique for releasing phobias and fears as it is proven to be quickly effective, safe, and long-lasting.
Eliminate the myths and the unsuccessful methods. Avoid paying an arm and a leg for something that doesn’t work and don’t even think about taking a pill.

Instead, utilize a 2000 year old method that has been successful time and time again. How can you go wrong?

For more information on this manual, please see
Energy Therapy Phobia Release
(You’ll see that this astounding manual is regularly priced at $29.95.)

As promised, I have even have thrown in 3 exciting bonuses:

Bonus 1
30-Second Stress Releaser Program(value $20)

This de-stressing curriculum eases all your stress and tensions by arousing the brain functions and processes that control your beliefs, emotions and memory. Like the Phobia Release techniques, these are painless, quick, easy and beneficial.

Bonus 2
The Emergency Stop Technique (value $20)

This effective stress and emotion management program teaches you to conquer your uncontrolled emotions, to rein in your anxieties and to bring about a calming effect, easily and within seconds, at any place or any time.

Bonus 3
12 Non Drug Phobia Therapies (value $19.90)

As a UNIQUE BONUS, you will receive my 12 Non-Drug Phobia Therapies manual for FREE. Why is this unique? Because I discuss twelve (12) drug-free phobia therapies and explain the advantages and disadvantages of them all. Not one, not two, but twelve!

This manual is chalked full of beneficial information on phobia release. It has taken me years of study and experimentation to be able to bring this manual to fruition.

Now I’m sharing it with you as a unique bonus gift. Why use remedies that don’t work and are just costly? Get your FREE copy of 12 Non-Drug Phobia Therapies today!

My tax surprise is your gain. You can now purchase this all at a "never-seen-before" price.

But all the fun and games end at midnight Mountain Time! (that is 2:00 am Eastern Time).

The Phobia Release Program AND my Energy Therapy Fast Phobia Release manual, including 3 amazing bonusses, cost
only $ 96.90 $57 Special IRS Sale

It comes with a 56-day money-back guarantee.

Best regards,

Jan Heering
Master Coach
Founder and President of Morpheus Institute

P.S.This sale price is the LOWEST rate I have EVER had for these manuals, especially with these bonuses thrown in. Incredible! This is your best chance ever to get rid of your phobia. This is the best for me to pay my taxes. We both win. Sounds great to me.

It Might As Well Be Your Story
I am Careen Mill, a waitress by profession and a recluse by nature. My life was in such an upheaval when my boyfriend ditched me. I was broken emotionally and financially then. I had to survive and live on. But I had already developed the fear of relationships. I wasn’t really finding any way out to fit into a decent relationship.

When all doors were closed, I took to your phobia release course. Initially, I was skeptical and pessimistic about the outcome. But once I began the self-help treatment, I never looked back.

I am happy and have moved on with my life. The course was truly a blessing in disguise.
Careen Mill, a recluse, Smithfield, Dublin

No More Fears

Your Phobia Release Manual is a remarkable find. What I have achieved in these days is thousand times more than what I have gained with the ongoing appointments with psychologists.

There are no more fears whatsoever. I feel a lot more confident and in total control of my life like never before. My life has changed completely, thanks Jan.
Sam Luke, New Jersey, U.S.A

The Course That Swallowed My Fears

Hi, I am Linda who has always been gutsy by nature. But could you believe it that I feared from heights right from my childhood. You could have never found me indulging in flights. Anything that had to do with heights was a definite no from me. But things have changed and for the better.

The 5 Day Phobia Release Course was just what I needed. Thanks to all of you who have fabricated the course that swallowed my fears whatsoever.
Linda Sobers, Dallas, U.S.A

I Have Won My Fight Over Hydrophobia.

I don’t know how to swim and I have qualms about it. What stopped me was my involuntary fear of water. It was a genuine problem I knew for sure. It’s strange how fears can be captured.

With your phobia release techniques, my fears have drowned as I have won my fight over hydrophobia.
Josh Kern, athlete, London, U.K.

My Dentist Phobia Is Gone!

My tooth’s aching but I will not go to the dentist. My gums are bleeding but that won’t force me to go to the dentist. Now that had to be a problem, a phobia problem.

I still don’t believe that I have eventually made it to the dentist, courtesy the NLP phobia release program.
Mac Darren, Washington D.C, U.S.A

Two Thumbs WAY UP!

Hi, myself Ran. My problem was that I was more than fretful about my future and everything that revolves around it. Worrying about the future was like an everyday affair.

It’s good to be a careerist and ambitious but not at the cost of ruining your present. But I couldn’t even predict that I could have ever come out of this rut and maze of future thinking.

Two thumbs WAY UP on your 5 day phobia release course!
Ran Cane, Texas, U.S.A

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