Irrational Fear of Owls

So far, I've never heard of anyone else with this fear. I believe it's called oclaphobia, the irrational fear of owls. I especially hate the great horned ones because to me, with those red-orange eyes and horns that give them an angry expression, they look like demons or something. This all started I i was about six at my grandmother's house. I was walking up her basement stairs, and, being young and having a wild imagination, thought that this plastic garden owl on a shelf turned and looked at me. I was terrified. I ran the rest of the way upstairs and cried in my mother's Lao. My younger siblings got ahold of the thing and made it " peck" me, which traumitized me further. I ordered that the plastic owl be put away in the attic, because after that I never wanted to see it again. Then, for a while, I was terrified by any plastic garden owl I saw. Just as that was starting to wear off, i had a strange dream in which I walked under a dock that was on a low lake and found an owl hangedwith a red noose. The next day, my family and I were at an outdoor pond and garden store. I was leaning against an empty pond and felt something stroke against by arm. I turned around and saw an owl laying face down in the water dead. I jumped away and then had a flashback of my dream from the night before. In a way, it had kind of come true, and for some reason, this experience really bothered me. Afterwards, in form of owl at all upset me. It has gotten progressively worse. It is so bad that if I even hear one or see a picture of one, I will get heart palpitations and get terrible anxiety. I refuse to look at them at all. The fact that my entire family always plays pranks on me about it only makes me more upset. They don'tt understand and they seem to think I'm doing it for attention. Even more recently, I had another dream come true. I was at a gun store with my family because my father was purchasing a pistol. We were at the checkout I i sensed an owl above my head. I kept repeating, " don't look up, don't look up!" because I absolutely cannot look into their eyes and I didn't want to have to. The day after that, I was at my grandparents house with my family. Me and two of my cousins were out in the their backyard in the woods when two of us heard what sounded like a dog barking/growling/snarling. I realized it was an owl and that it was in the tree right behind us. I started screaming and so did one of my cousins and we ran all the way back up to the front yard. I was holding onto my cousin and looking down thinking, " don't look up, don't look up!" once I collapsed in the front yard, I remberedmy nightmare. This really upset me I i was scared to sleep that night. This isn't the only time my dreams have involved owls and come true. Any I see them in my dreams, something bad happens in real life, like I i dreamed that my aunt and uncle lived apart and saw taxidermied owls in my uncles house ( this was during the five months that I was having repeating dreams about taxidermy). Soon afterwards, they got divorced. That's just another reason I don't like owls, they mean something bad will happen in my life. Please help!!

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