Iontophoresis Needle Phobia Treatment

Iontophoresis needle phobia medication makes the punctured skin area numb for needle phobia victims. The process is to allow Electric current to drive Lidocaine through the skin in order to anesthetize the injected or venipunctured area to a depth of one to two centimeters.

Patients who are recommended this iontophoresis needle phobia treatment fall into various categories. In the type of needle phobia as described by Doctor Hamilton, patients suffer from vasovagal reflex reaction.

It is a kind of alarming reaction characterized by plunging blood pressure and frequent loss of consciousness. This reaction is generally discerned after puberty and is more common with the male section of the society.

Iontophoresis needle phobia treatment is also recommendable for young and immature children who are quite afraid of needles and injections. A section of these children may overcome this unnecessary fear with growing age and understanding.

However, there is also a possibility of these children of becoming needle phobic in the future. It is a kind of situation during which a negligible anxious state of mind may take the shape of a complex phobia.

Needle phobic children and infants may be treated with topical EMLA cream or iontophoresis.

Iontophoresis needle phobia treatment is also quite effective in eliminating the fear associated with the pain which one experiences while being injected.

A massive change and improvement comes about in the lives of these individuals and they stop reacting abnormally to painful situations.

The forth category of needle phobic are those who are usually reminded of former painful and painstaking experiences at the time of being injected. This automatically increases their fear and makes them feel as if a mere incident of needle insertion would at length take away their lives.

The significance of iontophoresis treatment of needle phobia rests upon the fact that a considerable amount of the needle phobic population die due to their abnormal tendency to avoid injections and proper medical treatments.

Their death is not at all an outcome of fear but because of lack of appropriate medication.

There are a number of iontophoresis needle phobia treatment options for controlling unreasonable fear from needles and injections.

However, the most common and popular way of escaping needle phobia is to anesthetize the area of the needle stick.

Moreover, the inventive contemporary needle sticks are usually painless and thus they are more preferable in comparison to the topical ones.

Other iontophoresis needle phobia medications include:

  • Lidocaine for a deep anesthetic effect. This costs around a few hundred dollars and can only be purchased on a prescribed recommendation from the doctor.

  • EMLA® (Eutectic Mixture of Local Anesthetics), an exclusive topical anesthetic cream. It is purchasable by prescription in USA and even in some parts of Canada.

    EMLA is a mixture of lidocaine and prilocaine and maintains a liquid status only under normal room temperature and pressure.

The importance of iontophoresis needle phobia treatment can never be denied because the symptoms of needle phobic condition are varied and intense.

Needle phobic patients suffer from repeated incidents of unconsciousness accompanied by convulsions or breathing problems. Till now we have come to know about 23 documented cases of fatality resulting out of needle phobia.

Another treatment methods that are successful in treating needle phobia are NLP and Energy Therapy

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