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by: Anonymous

It's SO spooky reading all these comments. Like others I've always thought I was alone in this and people have laughed at me rather than take it seriously as they might other phobias. For me it's also not just jewellery but also coins, change, keys, other small metal items and I can't believe others also have an issue with small spoons (although I hesitate to use any cutlery if I'm not reassured it's been washed thoroughly). I also can't believe others are unable to concentrate on anything else if they notice an unpleasant piece of jewellery/coin in the room and also that others feel the urge to rub themselves if anything of that ilk touches them.

I have thought about getting help but why would I want to become comfortable touching these things? For me it's a form of self protection as these things are utterly gross.

Yes! I have it too!
by: Anonymous

Omg, I also think I was weird for having phobia of this too! Because everyone around me was constantly wearing jewelry and chains and taking small tea spoons! :O I feel you all, I know how it is. Eventually I somehow manage to get over rings (but only simple ones) but everything else (specially chains on necklaces and shower sinks) it makes me so sick! And I still don't know maybe I had it since I was born, but maybe I was pushed by someone to wear when I was very little so I created aversion because I didn't wanted and they made me do it. And you know how kids are evil, if they see something bothers you, or disgusts you, they will do it even more. I hated that! >:(
Oh, why people just won't leaves us alone!? xD

Wow, Just... wow.
by: Tony

I'm amazed how many people have been made fun of because of this. Or, have had jewelry thrown in your face, dangled in front of you, purely because they know it disturbs you. It really is not funny. It is similar to throwing spiders on somebody afraid of spiders. It's not fear in that way, but it elicits the same intense emotional response. Honestly I wouldn't consider this a phobia, because it is never fear that I feel. It is disgust, utterly and absolutely unclean. That to me seems more like an OCD related complex.

From what I've read here, I've got a fairly bad case of it. Any jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anything small, metal, intricate, all of it is just gross. Chains, key chains especially. However, large chains as in like for towing a car, not an issue. Any kind of rings, like the type that might be on a wireless remote for a light, has to be immediately removed from the device. And, of course, plastic is just fine. Plastic forks or whatever, no problem. I could chew on em' all day. Plastic jewelry still bothers me a bit, but nowhere even close to the same level as metal.

Another aspect of it that I haven't seen to much of is metal utensils. I can not stand people eating with metal utensils. I hate the sound they make on the plate. Most of all, when people's teeth touch the metal... OMG, I would be shaking off that feeling for hours (Just typing it out makes me shiver, honestly). Some other things that bother me are tattoos, and stickers. My laptop, I have removed all of the sticker branding. When using somebody else's laptop, I have to cover up the stickers with something. Makeup does, to a very limited degree. I also am a bit of a perfectionist, like mild OCD . Everything is always clean, and neat. I wonder if any of you guys are that way to? Maybe some kind of link there?

There was a post I read, somebody threw out all their families jewelry when they were like 5 or 6. LOL, that cracked me up. I feel ya' though. At work, if somebody left jewelry on the break bench, I throw it out. Whenever I am in a situation that this issue might become known, I'm quite careful. I generally start by just saying it's gross, and pray they leave it at that. I've never had anybody really try to get it out of me, probably because I very much try to avoid a person, or situations like that.

Anyways, just wanted to voice my opinion. Us "Jewelry-Phobes" should set up a dating website. It is hard to find people to enter a serious relationship with. I mean I would like to find a wife, get married. But no way in hell am I wearing a ring, and neither is she. I'd be interested to chat with somebody who has this too. I'd really be interested to talk with a girl that has it. I can't imagine how much harder it would be for you. I never have to worry about anybody asking me why I don't ever wear jewelry.

Imagine how a girl with this must feel if she lived in India. I love Indian culture, literature, philosophy, but I can never get into it because of the insane obsession they have with jewelry. But if any of you troopers actually read until this point, I would still really like to get another person's perspective. If interested, send me an email at;

I didn't know other people had it too
by: Anonymous

I am 14 and I do not know when this started. I hate looking st jewelry,keys,coins, and more. I do okay with some things, but most small metal objects make me feel weird. I hate the feeling and it almost makes me want to puke. I am glad that I am not the only person that feels this way, and I am not crazy.

Not Alone
by: Rachel

I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Every since I was 3 years old, I've been disgusted by any kind of jewelry or small chains, etc. The only way I can describe it to my friends is if they had to touch a bobby pin that fell in a puddle of pee in a public bathroom. That's how I feel about all jewelry. Sometimes I get physically ill if I talk to someone for a long time and they are wearing earrings. I have to focus on something else and pretend they aren't wearing jewelry.

Girlfriend will never understand this
by: David

Glad to see I'm not alone. Everytime I see these small chains I feel like I'm going to puke. The first thought I get when seeing these things is imagining putting one in my mouth, which makes me go insane. These tiny metal objects look worse than death to me. Nevertheless things like pins, needles, screws, nails, small batteries, small electronic components and so on have never been an issue for me. It's really something about small chains and jewelry.

It first started with my grandmother's golden chains, then continued with my sister's and now my girlfriend's necklace.

I tried explaining it to people but most of the time I end up looking like a jerk.... This and my other big phobia : shower sinks. I would never even dare to start thinking about touching one with my toe.

I have this too.....
by: Anonymous

I have this too with most jewelry, small tea spoons, small coins and some other things. For me these things are covered in bacteria yuck yuck yuck. If I see someone wearing a thin necklace with some tiny object attached it makes me shiver and I get grossed out. If I have to remove something like this from the ground I use protective gloves and still feel grossed out and then have to clean my hands after taking off the gloves. If someone serves me some food with a tiny tea spoon I feel sick like the bacteria is getting on my skin. The worst tea spoons have tiny carvings in the handle and you can see the black gunk in all the gaps. When I was young my mum had a silver ring with tiny things carved into it and when she offered to make me a sandwich all I could think was please don't touch that on my food, yuck.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have this too with most jewelry, small tea spoons, small coins and some other things. For me these things are covered in bacteria yuck yuck yuck. If I see someone wearing a thin necklace with some tiny object attached it makes me shiver and I get grossed out. If I have to remove something like this from the ground I use protective gloves and still feel grossed out and then have to clean my hands after taking off the gloves. If someone serves me some food with a tiny tea spoon I feel sick like the bacteria is getting on my skin. The worst tea spoons have tiny carvings in the handle and you can see the black gunk in all the gaps. When I was young my mum had a silver ring with tiny things carved into it and when she offered to make me a sandwich all I could think was please don't touch that on my food, yuck.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I have this too with most jewelry, small tea spoons, small coins and some other things. For me these things are covered in bacteria yuck yuck yuck. If I see someone wearing a thin necklace with some tiny object attached it makes me shiver and I get grossed out. If I have to remove something like this from the ground I use protective gloves and still feel grossed out and then have to clean my hands after taking off the gloves. If someone serves me some food with a tiny tea spoon I feel sick like the bacteria is getting on my skin. The worst tea spoons have tiny carvings in the handle and you can see the black gunk in all the gaps. When I was young my mum had a silver ring with tiny things carved into it and when she offered to make me a sandwich all I could think was please don't touch that on my food, yuck.

I thought I was the only one!
by: Anonymous

I have an extreme aversion to very thin chains (necklaces). I can actually wear bracelets, earrings, anything that doesn't have a fine chain, but seeing necklaces like that on others is unsettling for me. I know that it goes back to my early childhood when a neighbor lady who was taking care of me and my sister tried to make me wear a thin chain necklace to welcome my parents home. I didn't want to, but she made me wear it anyway. For some reason, this was very traumatic for me, and I cannot even touch thin chain necklaces without shuddering or even feeling a bit sick sometimes. I think it's because I had no control over what I wanted to do and somehow I felt violated. Other jewelry like thick Navajo silver and turquoise necklaces are beautiful and I think I could wear those. It is interesting that other people also have this problem and that there is a word for it! I never met anyone who had the phobia, or admitted it.

OMG I'm not the only one
by: Bee

Phew! What a relief that there are others out there who suffer the same fate I do! Well, I don't particularly enjoy the suffering bit, but at least we're in this together! No one, absolutely NO ONE, around here knows what I feel each and every day about metal jewellery; they just don't see where I'm coming from. My close-knit group of girl friends all wear jewellery and they're always asking me if I could hold their items for a bit while they do something and I just CRINGE. I don't mind plain bracelets or rings but if it's decorated, I'll admire it from far FAR away, thankyouverymuch! I can't even use metal cutlery if there are patterns on it. (Not to mention I also suffer from different phobias as well...)

by: Anonymous

I can't put on a ring I can wait bracelets and necklaces but I can't wait rings I had 2 traumatic times with rings the first was when I was little when I wore a ring for the first time and it got stuck and I had to go to A&E because my finger nearly fell off and the second time was when I tried to over come my fear and it happened again and my finger got scared when I was trieing to get it off and I thought I'd have to cut my finger off!!! It was horrible!!!

Me too
by: Nicole

I've had this phobia as long as I can remember and I'm 52 now. I can't touch or go near any jewelry or small metal objects, it makes me shiver with disgust and feel sick. Strangely wooden ones are ok. A friend left a metal necklace on my bathroom floor once and I could not enter until eventually my mother removed it, everyone thought I was kidding :( Pictures of jewelry make me shudder and itch and even typing the word is giving me the creeps. I have no recollection of when this started. Really glad there are others out there like me as I thought I was alone.

Thank God
by: Ali

I'm so glad it's not just me! I've had this ever since I was really young, but my dad would always try to make me wear jewellery (as well as other "girly" stuff). I hate touching small metal things (screws and nails tend to be the exception), and I'm always afraid they'll touch my mouth somehow.

Glad I'm not Alone
by: Anonymous

I'm just amazed that so many people share this aversion to jewelry. I'm not sure I can call what I have a "fear" of it so much as an intense dislike of it. I thought it was just one of my own personal weird traits or idiosyncrasies. With me, I don't seem to mind things like pearls or beaded jewelry. But when it gets into things like thin, short, gold (or silver) just drives me nuts and I hate it SO much. I don't know why I'm like that, but it's like my eyes just go looking for it and then latch onto it when I see someone wearing that stuff and it just consumes me with disgust. I hate necklaces the most - particularly on other men - and then there's bracelets, rings, and I absolutely despise facial piercings, nose rings, belly button rings (and chains), toe rings, and multiple ear piercings (especially on the top part of the ear). I'm married and thankfully my wife doesn't wear much and what she does is usually just the beaded kind. But she does have this one necklace that's short, metal, and sits up too close to the base of her neck that I simply can't stand. I've never mentioned any of this to her, but have told her that the reason I don't wear my wedding ring is because I just hate the feel of it on my finger (which is true). I found myself distracted when I went to see "Jurassic World" because the main female character was wearing one of those awful short gold necklaces with the stupid little bar on it. I just couldn't help but focus on it and it really bothered me.

by: Rachel

Guys I'm the exact same but one extra thing that freaks me out is using a teaspoon, I can't even think about putting it in my mouth to eat a desert or something or watch other people eat with one . Yuck .

what, im actually not alone
by: Anonymous

I used to like jewellery when I was tiny like 3yrs old but now I cant even look at it without feeling sick or disgusted. My family all think its weird and think I'm making it up but its true and sometimes I even feel sick touch 5 cents or 10 cents coins and when I told my mum she laughed and I felt extremely upset. My mum then apologised and I showed her this and other pages and she still doesn't get it. Its also cause it feels like my hand is going to fall off if I wear a bracelet or I'm going to choke if I wear a necklace.

me, too
by: Anonymous

This is helpful in that I see there are others with the same issues I have. I don't know when it started, but I don't like metal, don't ever want to touch change, etc.

thank God
by: joyce

Thank God that i am not alone.. all along i thought that i am annormal being a girl and i really dont like wearing jewelries.. i don't know why.. i felt uncomfortable.. i thought i am different because i want to stay simple and dont want to accessorize my self.. it's a good feeling that i am not alone.. thank you for sharing your thoughts..

Didnt know there was so many!
by: Anonymous

I had no idea there was so many others with the same problem.
As long as i can remember ive hated jewelery, coins, keys, keyrings and other small objects, mostly metal ones but not all.
Its not metal that i hate (which is what most people think) its just that most of the things happen to be made of metal.
I very rarely touch door handles without my sleeve over my hand, I never ever touch jewelery. If i buy something in a shop and i get change i can touch that, not because i want to, only because i dont want to seem weird, but its like i can feel it burning in my hand until i can wash them.
I remember when i was young getting an ice cream, the man was handling change and with the same hands put a flake into my ice cream, i stopped eating ice cream from then on unless they wore gloves!
I cant pick up any of these things from the ground, and if anyone leaves any of these things on a table or something while im eating i have to move or ill be sick.
I find it hard to talk to people with loads of peircings, especially facial ones, which i feel awful about because some of my best friends have them and for no fault of their own i cant talk to them properly.
I have good days and bad days, sometimes ill not seem to mind as much about money and i'll feel like why did i ever have this problem? Other days, something will trigger it and ill barely be able to touch anything for ages, its a nightmare at times!
I also have only eaten off the one fork since i was young, but when i moved out of my mums i left it, i managed for a while bit now i mostly eat off plastic forks and spoons.
It can be a real torture sometimes, especially when someone new finds out about it, thinks its hilarious and hides coins and keys around close to you, ive actually gotten in fights over this, they just dont understand the severity of it!

This phobia needs to be recognized in the scientific world
by: Makesmewannathrowup

The same for me , I have this phobia since I was a little girl.
It makes me want to throw up , just thinking about it makes me sick.
People around me used to make fun of this , but it ain't no fun.
It is just disgusting, and the worst of all of them the "ne***aces*
Yuuuuck just seeing people wearing them makes me wanna throw. It makes me think , why do they have to do that ? Human beings don't need them !
Of course I will never complain in front of people , and I will never bother talk about this cuz I will not be taken seriously.
Of course people are completely free to do whatever they want.
When I see other people having the same fear as me , it makes me think, there are so many people bearing the same phobia , and no scientis ever tried to figure it out or give a name to it ! It is upsetting me :,(

Oh thank god, I am not alone.
by: Anonymous

I am so glad that I found this site. I have always thought that I am so weird for not liking jewelry or metal in general. It always make me feel sick to my stomach and I just want to puke. I get so discussed by it and always want to avoid chains and especially Jewerly. I am so glad that I am not alone with this.

by: Sophia

I have had a fear of rings that can't be bended open. The only ones that can usually do that are the ones that are very cheap. It happened when I got a ring stuck on my finger and I was traumatized (I was very young) and now I can't wear closed rings. I don't really know how to deal with this.

I hear you
by: Anonymous

I have always been so disgusted by jewelry that I refuse to have any kind of physical contact with someone wearing any, let alone it touch me at all.
It just makes me feel really sick and gag. I'm also the same with buttons or anything bead like.
I am okay with leather and fabric jewelry, I think it's the cold to the touch that gets me!

It makes me freak out
by: Anonymous

I've never been able to stand jewelry of any kind or things like the chains in a bathtub drain. I am surprised but happy to see I am not the only one that feels this way about jewelry. People think I am crazy, a girl who doesn't like jewelry of any kind. Some people think it is because I was a tomboy growing up. I'm honestly wondering if maybe in a past life I was choked to death with a necklace or something because I cannot stand to have anything around my neck at all.
But back to the jewelry phobia. If I accidently touch it I freak out, shake and rub my hands as if I am trying to remove the feel of it off of me. I used to run away when my little sister would swing a necklace at me (she thought it was funny how scared I was).
I work as a cashier now and have to ring up jewelry all the time. I always grab the cardboard (or whatever it is called) attached to it and carefully slide it in the bad so I don't touch it.
I always would tell any boyfriend I would have to never buy me jewelry because I don't like it and only told the ones I really trusted that I had a weird phobia of it.
I don't know what to do if I would ever get married or if my daughter would want me to get her jewelry and put it on her.

Ugh!!! Jewelry😷😖😵
by: Anonymous

I am in sixth grade now and I've had an intense fear of jewelry since the end of fourth grade. I don't even know how I started hating it but this is my story. When I was a little girl my mom passed on my great grandmas old costume jewelry😷. It stunk so bad that I never touched it, it was rusting and old and I'm sorry for the descriptive words cause it makes me so sick to type this. But all of the sudden in second grade I wanted to get my ears pierced, it's like I've forgotten the incident from when I was little and I wore earrings everyday for two years after that. I remember the first time I started to feel queasy about jewelry it was on a field trip at the very end of the year in fourth grade it was an overnight trip and I had a crush on this boy so I took out my earrings to try and impress him and prove I wasn't some girly girl kid who was afraid of everything like a baby. And that moment when I too those earrings out I felt free like a different person like the earrings had been holding me captive for those years. Since then I've been utterly disgusted by jewelry! Especially looking at people who wear it chew/ put it in their mouths😖 or even people that wear to much or old jewelry. I will never ever wear jewelry again I can't even hug my mom because she is always wearing the same necklace and my friends try to put jewelry on me and they tease me with it some much I run away screaming and feeling nauseous. I'm so glad i am not the only one 😄cause I felt so alone before😔

by: Anonymous

Uggh...the stuff is disgusting, and I can barely stand to say the words! Especially "jewelry" "bracelet" "necklace" and "clasp". Yuck!!!!! Trying to act nice when you get it for a present is the worst part. "Let me try to smile and carefully put it over here without touching it or looking at it so I don't throw up!" Everything about it is disgusting, and it makes me gag when I see it on someone when I'm eating. It's not a phobia though, definitely just an intense's so nice to know there are other people with the same problem!

by: Anonymous

All my life Ive been feeling weird of myself because of this weird phobia. Whenever I tell it to others, they'd be just like "What?! Maybe you're just overreacting. There's no such thing!" They just don't understand. I can't touch any jewelry or even see one when I'm eating, cause I'd seriously throw up. Gosh. It feels good to know that I'm not alone. I decided to look it up, see if such phobia exists and if yes what it's called. Gosh. Srsly. This made my day. :)

My teens have this
by: Julie

My college daughter and teen son both have this aversion to small metal objects and shiny little things. When my daughter was little she would not hug me if I wore a necklace. She hates touching change, paperclips, etc.. My son hates Christmas decorations with shiny metal beads and refused to eat at the table one Christmas when I draped a metal bead garland around the hanging lamp over the table. I am trying to understand it, but worry it may be a symptom of a larger problem. Is there some sort of mental illness involved here?

by: M

I feel the same way, and I thought that I was the only one too! I can remember my siblings chasing me around the house with necklaces when I was young. No one ever understands how gross it is! I made my best friend promise me in 2nd grade that she would never get her ears pierced, and when she did, I had a very serious talk with her. Now, I'm 20, and I am still so disgusted by it. Once when I was in high school, a girl asked me to hold her earrings for her in the bathroom, and it felt like an eternity of being on the verge of vomiting. I am usually okay with large metal objects like cars, but the tinier and more "slingy" something is, the more it grosses me out. I hate tiny chain necklaces... ESPECIALLY if someone puts it in their mouth. I don't even really enjoy eating with metal forks because the thought of them scraping my teeth makes me cringe, but I think that is a little different. Most of the time, if I buy something at the store, I'd prefer not even getting any coins back... they smell disgusting and they just seem dirty. If the person wearing the jewelery doesn't look clean, it just makes me even more disgusted thinking about touching it. I will go out of my way to avoid it... I am not sure why, but it has grossed me out for as long as I can remember.

by: Anonymous

I love you all, my girlfriend makes fun of me so much because of this phobia. I am just so relieved to know that I am not the only one dealing with this dreadful curse. You all are my inspiration. God bless America, and you guys too. Shalom

Me too, me too
by: Kev

Been phobic of jewellery for as long as I can remember. If you dropped a pierced earring in my hand I'd chuck it across the room as if it was a spider and have to wipe my hands on my jeans to "get rid" of the feeling of touching it. Can't even begin to help a girl with a clasp on a necklace (just typing the words earring and clasp made me gag a tiny bit). Ok with coins and other small things (mostly). I do think I know where it comes from with me; my mum sending me upstairs to get things from her jewellery box when my folks were going out; the smell, the sight of that green crap that gathers on intricate pieces, the dead skin trapped in the small spaces. Early memory of something gross I guess. My wedding ring is tattoed on my hand, if my wife wore earrings she wouldn't be my wife. So glad I'm not the only nutter with this issue.

makes me shiver
by: Anonymous

The site of a ring, necklace or bracelet makes me shiver with revulsion, and if forced to come into contact with jewelry I feel instantly sick, and have to wash my hands and try and force the image of it out of my head.

I have been teased by family and friends for many years about this. My mum wears a lot of jewelry and we've always had a strained relationship, so this is most likely the cause.

My poor wife only wears her wedding and engagement rings. Occasionally she'll wear a necklace or earrings for special occasions, but kindly removes them when we get home.

Most people see it as an irrational phobia, but then I've known people who have fears of things like bird seed.

It is certainly comforting to read all the other comments here, knowing I'm not alone with this condition/affliction/phobia.

Thank you
by: Anonymous

In the 7th grade I got accused of stealing an earring from kohls I didn't do it of course but I hate any jewelry but I thought I was weird so I never told any one and that night I had to tell them of course they didn't believe I had a fear of jewelry but I was so embarrassed to say it just the look of the metal kills me inside all metal just kinda creeps me out but the ones with the smell at the worse I'm so glad I'm not the only one I can now stop being so hard on my self about it thank you

You're not alone!
by: Anonymous

I have a fear of rings in particular, I always have had since I can remember. They look tacky on everyone and I find It hard to touch anything that a person with a ring on has touched, I even can't eat anything if the person who made it had a ring on. Freaks me out, especially gold for some reason... Glad to know I'm not the knot person in the world who feels this way.

It's because it's unclean.
by: Anonymous

All that jewellery does is pick up dirt. People wear necklaces whilst sweating, then take them off when going into the shower. Dirt and gunge collects under rings and people wear them whilst they prepare food. It's completely disgusting and quite embarrassing that people actually wear stuff like that to 'look good'.

Coins and Jewelry and Buttons! Oh Yuk!
by: Carrie

Such a relief to know my "phobia" is legit and I'm not the only one. I hate anything small and round. Coins (pennies ate the worst), jewelery, and small piece of metal. I can wear fashion jewelery, as long as it's big and "bulky", but when it comes to fine jewelery, gross! Especially gold. My boyfriend sometimes wears 5 small hoop earrings and a ring and it disgusts me. I'll find ways to get mad at him so he could avoid me until he takes them off. I was hoping he would see the pattern that when he wears his jewelery I "mysteriously" get upset over nothing, but he hasn't. I don't know how to tell him. He knows about my coin and button phobia and i feel like if I tell him about the jewelry it will make him think I'm being irrational. He found out about the coins and buttons on accident because he saw how I reacted when his niece innocently gave me a whole bunch of them as a "gift". I don't know what to do!!

Glad I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

I'm 14 and ever since I can remember I just haven't liked jewelry. I don't have a problem with rings, but I have a really bad problem with the metal chains on necklaces. I'm shivering even writing this. My brother and sister used to chase me around holding up necklaces when I was about six and then would hide them in my bed. Pretty traumatizing for a 6 year old with a phobia.

I hate jewelry!!!
by: Anonymous

I absolutely hate jewelry😱 and I am happy that other people understand how I feel😂 It started when I was 3. My great aunt started putting her mothers theater jewelry on me. She thought it made me look so pretty. But I just stood there frozen, my mom asked me what was wrong and I said " it stinks! " 😬 it smelled gross because it was old and ever since then I've hated jewelry!!!😖

Im also grossed out by jewelry and here is why
by: Anonymous

Its very relieving to see other people having the same phobia about metal jewelry as i do but I keep looking on the web for why people find it disgusting but no one will specifically say why. My reason is when it comes to metal chain necklaces and metal rings is it's gross to think that its against a persons skin and the person sweats on it and of course all the skin flakes. So skin, sweat and dirt gets all get gummed up in the necklace or ring and I've noticed a lot of people never take the ring or necklace off and I know not everyone cleans their jewelry often or ever. Just seeing a metal necklace against skin is absolutely gross and seeing a metal ring on someone's finger is gross. Because your hands are usually the most dirtiest parts of your bodies. Rings and necklaces have grooves in it that catches dirt and Bacteria in it that will never come out unless you actually take the time to clean them properlly and you know nobody does that often or ever. Oh and i also find watches with A metal Band on it is hross. I'm not a germ-a-phobe, I just feel like I have common sense.

Fear of Jewelry
by: Enzo


I have a fear of touching jewelry since when I can remember. I just don't want to touch rings, necklaces or any other jewelry in that matter. When I accidentally touch it I quickly blow some air on the spot that touched it and wash my hands as soon as I can.
Even when I see people wearing it or I think about them I start getting a weird feeling in my stomach and get itchy all over my body.

My ex-girlfriend was a huge fan of jewelry. She wore so much wristbands, earrings and other stuff where I was disgusted by. I opened up to her and she accepted my phobia and she wouldn't wear it anymore. But when our relationship ended she didn't forget to mention what kind of a weirdo I was for being scared to jewelry.

For me it's not that kind of a phobia that stands in the way of a normal living, but it withholds me of getting in contact with woman I like that are wearing a lot of jewelry. This is kind of annoying, because come on, woman love jewelry....

I remember a time that an old female friend of mine was about to migrate to Australia. She asked me to keep her necklace to remind me of her. Without finishing her sentence, she dropped the necklace in my hand and I was stunned. I couldn't speak or move for a few seconds. Then I dropped the necklace and just ran. I ran to the nearest water-source and just washed my hands for a few minutes. She was offended at first but when I told her how I felt about jewelry she laughed and was okay with it. (still got it, I move it with an other object between the necklace and my hand)

I know other people will think we are crazy, but whatef. Some people are scared of cute little spiders, I f*cking love cute little spiders.

such a relief
by: Gemma

This page is such a relief! I've had this phobia for over 13 years now. It started back when I had my ears pierced and decided to get second piercing on my ears and it got infected and since then the mere thought or touch of it sends me shuddering. I feel physically sick ans have to wash my hands till the feeling goes away. My partner used to wear piercings has kindly removed them for me. It's getting worse as the years go on for sure. It would be nice if there was an answer to calming this down.

thank god i found this
by: Michal

I never thought about googeling the phobia because i honestly thought i was alone.

i really think this discovery requires some sort of virtual community. what do u say?

Oh happy day
by: H8T nklcs

I have tried to explain this to so many people and no one understands! I'm esctatic that there are others I can't explain it, looking at a thin gold chain ESPECIALLY makes me want to gag. I don't know why, along with other chains, especially gold. I've compared it to roaches crawling on people, but they don't understand and they think it's a joke so they wave chains at me. It's horrible, I understand guys thank you to whoever joined all of us!

Only rings
by: Anonymous

For me its only rings i remember in 1 grade i Liiked a Girl very much until she showed up in class one Day wearing a huge disgusting ring even my mother when she was wearing her rings freaked mé out i Can were my watch no problem and necklace dont bother mé at all

by: Ariel

Oh my goodness this is amazing! I thought for sure I was the only one! I'm 17. I used to date a guy that shoved jewelry (makes me want to puke just thinking of that word) in my face for fun. He didn't think it was fun anymore after I puked in his toilet and broke up with him. :P
I have a lot of mental disorders already, but I talked to my doctor about it and he said that I also have mild OCD. I went on pills for that but it's still hard for me to see jewelry. So I've been slowly working myself into touching it daily, just to get used to it. It's tough cuz I feel like I need to excessively wash my hands afterward. If anyone wants to vent or discuss things, send me a twitter message :) @ariel_ann

by: Anonymous

Im 14 years old and I also have the fear of *struggles to say it* jewellery. I cant stand the word "ring". I try to explain to people why I dont like it but ita juat unexplainable! Its frustrating and difficult when I have to hold coins and small objects. uuuhhh!

gold is gross
by: Anonymous

So ive always been grossed out by gold or any yellow metal thing or copper. I can deal with people around me wearing jewelry in silver or white metals(some). My petpeeves are 1. Gold chains, 2. Gold rings 3. Metal silverware/copper kitchen utensils. The first memory i have of this phobia is people who bite and suck on chains. Ughhh so gross! That thought is enought to make me wanna like spit out it dissgusts me so much. I cant eat around slingly thin gold chains on anyone, neither can i stand old looking gold rings, they look dirty and dissgustin, too many rings or chains of gold are super gross. Chains especially i will not touch, they hang on your neck and you sweat alot in that area, both this elements mixing is just the most disgusting thought aswell as rings and the on your hands. I cannot eat from cheap or think silverware unlesd im positive its real silver. Silver ware is so gross to me. I thought i was crazy. Thanks guys i had no idea others had this issue wkth metals too. —Johann

Fear of jewelry
by: Anonymous

All jewelry makes me sick to my stomach. Even the word "necklace" makes me gag and gets me on edge. Also, I could find someone very attractive, but if you put a necklace on her then she automatically becomes less attractive. Any girlfriends that I have had, I can't buy the traditional necklace present for them and I am forced to buy some simple bracelet or come up with something creative. I have the issue with change and any dangling objects. I can't stand holding dimes. I have had this problem since I was maybe 5 years old and when I tried telling my family about it, they scoffed at me and labeled me as "quirky". So thankful to finally realize I am not the only person who feels the same way.

I hate Jewelry
by: Anonymous

OMG , I thought I was the only one that felt that way about jewelry , I though I was some kind of freak because I didn't like it, I'm 63 years old and never told my family from fear that they might try to make me touch it, it makes me sick to my stomach.

So glad to find others like me!
by: Anonymous

I found out that I couldn't stand jewelry when my mom forced me to wear a pink bracelet. I was disgusted by the cold feeling that the bracelet gave me and she thought I was crazy, telling me to quit fooling around and that if I don't wear it, she won't love me.
It wasn't just bracelets. I couldn't stand chains (They're the worst) either. My mom got a chain attached to her phone and it disgusted me every time she told me to hold it or put it in my backpack for her. Just the thought of it being near me gives me the goosebumps! Worse yet, even though I told her, she leaves her dangly, chainy necklace on the sink in the bathroom! I feel like I could puke every time I look at it and it's even worse if it's wet!
I'm so glad I'm not the only one like this! Knowing there are others like me makes it a bit better!

Aversion to metallic things
by: Anonymous

Certain jewellery and money makes me feel physically sick as well. I pay for everything with a plastic debit card, and when I see coins or notes lying around the house I push it out of sight with my sleeved hand. Even the words 'money' and 'coins' I mentioned before make me feel slightly nauseous, so I use the generic word 'funds' when I'm writing about it on paper or thinking about the subject. However, the things that I really can't stand are watches, especially large, mens', or gold ones. When I see them I look away, they just make me so sick. I don't know what has made me so averse to this, but I think as a child I always hated that metallic smell of coins, and thus I generalised it to other things.

Me too
by: Anonymous

Ever since I could remember, I've had a fear of jewelry, buttons and other small metal objects. I haven't told anyone because I'm scared.

The first memory I have of my fear was from when I was around 5 and wanted to eat at a fast food restaurant but my Mum was trying to discourage me so she told me about how the people don't even clean their hands properly. The first thing I though of was of them wearing rings and ever since then it's much more difficult for me to eat anywhere. I also tend to hate gold jewelry more than silver or white gold.

It brings me chills to even think of when some people put jewelry into their mouths.

It's the worst with earings and rings, and if someone is cooking food for me and they're wearing jewelry then I'll literally feel sick to the gut when eating it, but I can hardly refuse to eat it.

It becomes unbearable at my age when my friends want me to do their necklace up or their bracelet or hold their earrings and I always have to come up with an excuse.

For a few years, I even refused to eat my Mum's food due to her wearing rings when preparing the food, I would constantly ask her to remove it while she prepares the food, using the excuse that it's very "unhygienic".

I thought I was alone
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh I thought I was alone. It started a few years ago and has gotten progressively worse. I feel awful when anyone gives me jewelry as a present and there is no way I am going to wear it. No one took me seriously and I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I can't eat when there is jewelry around and have to wash my hands if I ever have to touch it. Once I had a cupcake that had candy pearls decorated on the frosting and I had to take them all off before I could eat it. I have to disinfect anything that jewelry touches with my family looking at me as if I were crazy. I am so glad to hear I am not the only one who goes through this.

by: Anonymous

I have the same fear with necklaces. Anything chain like that gives me the creeps. Seeing someone put one in their mouth definitely makes me want to puke as well.

I find it interesting that Nikolas Tesla (brilliant scientist, but also crazy as hell) also hated jewelry and anything round. Not implying that we are crazy, but simply saying that even some of the famous share these thoughts!

I'm going to show this to my friends and family so they believe I'm not a total psycho!
by: Anonymous

I could honestly cry reading this. It is so nice to see that other people are so bothered by jewelry. It has affected me since I was very little. I've learned to be around people wearing it, but it makes me feel like my throat is closing up. I've even thrown up before because I was so grossed out.Neither my husband or I wear wedding rings. We got wooden ones custom made for the ceremony. Wood seems to bother me less. He proposed with a crocheted ring made of string :) So glad there are other crazies out there!

I was shocked to see all this posts!
by: HS

In my country no one have ever heard about such a problem, and all the people who I told about it thought I am being crazy or just stupid, I am so glad to know that there is so many people with the same problem!
I don't know exactly how and when it started, but I remember that when I was 2-3 years old I realy liked to wear a lot of gold rings, and then suddenly I started to be very disgust from metal objects, especialy from jewelries (I am sick of even thinking about it!). I remember how I was 4 years old and my mother gave me some cash to by an ice cream and I just couldn't touch the (metal) money! And now, so many years later it's still disgusting and make me sick.
when I told my boyfriend about it he started to laugh and I was pretty angry of him. He apologized but I still think he now thinks I am weird..
Anyway, now I am in pretty bad situation because I was told I need a dental brace for my Teeth..

thanks for all of you for write here, we are not alone! (:
(sorry for my bad English, I have just started to learמ this language).

Thank God
by: Anonymous

I am 38 years old and have had this issue since I was a child. After many years, I am finally able to wear a wedding ring but that is it. I am so glad to know that I am not the only one. No one has ever understood this phobia and I cant explain it. Thank you all so much!!!

by: Anonymous

I just hate everything about jewelry, its just icky! Its so smelly feels horrible, looks rubbish and makes disgusting sounds!

Great to hear I'm not alone!
by: Anonymous

I have the same issues described here and have for as long as I can remember. I have never been able to wear a necklace, ring, get my ears pierced, etc. I have a hard time with loose change, other people's keys, even seeing people wearing jewelry. I can't date anyone who wears jewelry, can't turn on lights on a metal pull cord, carry a pen in my purse always so I don't have to use those ones attached to metal chains at stores, and on and on... I start gagging, have to wash my hands, etc. If there's an earring on the floor or something, I can't even go in the room until someone else picks it up and disposes of it. It's refreshing to see there are others out there, even though I'm sorry for you guys as I obviously know the negative impacts of this phobia.

oh wow..
by: Macey

Yep, I hate touching necklaces, I want to throw up and die. I like wearing braclets that are string though. Just little metal is nasty. I can touch it if its coated in playtex.

Rings? No, no, no.
by: Anonymous

For as long as I can remember, jewellery has disgusted me. Well, actually any small metal object does (like loose change, keys etc.) but jewellery is the number one culprit. My parents thought I was just being awkward and annoying when I said I did not like jewellery and for a while I believed them. Then one day I thought I could not be the only one on the planet who has this phobia! And I'm glad I'm not.
Once, my friend held her ring with her teeth and the sight of it made me vomit and I felt really bad for her because she must think I thought of her to be something really disgusting. Rings are the worst, even the word ring makes me shudder. Toy rings, sweetie rings, small circular objects? No, no and no. I cannot deal with them near me. I feel sorry if any man wishes to wed me in the future, as if he offers me a ring, I'll most likely vomit on him.

i wanna throw up
by: Jamie

The feel of it makes me thow up and die.

Ew jewelry
by: Rebecca

I also have this jewelry phobia! I'm 15 and I can't even stand to look at it or touch it. Even thinking about jewelry makes me wanna throw up. Also, sorts of metal make me feel sick and disgust me too. I don't like carrying change and I avoid anything along those lines. Glad I'm not the only one with this problem!

by: Anonymous

Most jewellery doesn't bother me as I wear 2 silver bracelets all the time, but necklaces absolutely terrify me! The thought of them touching my neck gives me goosebumps! Even thinking about them or touching them!! Not too fond of rings either!!

And I thought I was the only one...
by: Kudzu

I don't think I have a phobia but like the first post, I get very queasy when I have to touch or pickup jewelry. It feels like my hand itches for minutes after as well. There is a bit of an issue with tiny screws etc but since I've worked with electronics for a long time, it doesn't bother me as much. The worst is picking up a small pierced earring .

Hooray! I'm not alone
by: Anonymous

So good to read that I'm not the only one who feels like this. It's interesting to hear how others like me have a problem saying or writing words like 'ring' (yuk!) I wonder if this is unique to a disgust of jewellery. I really have a problem even saying the words. I never realised until I read other's comments on here that it is definitely a 'disgust' not necessarily a phobia. My Mum used to wear a lot of rings that made me want to puke. I got married 3 years ago and have refused to wear a ring. My wife wears a simple white gold band which she recently removed because she hated that I wouldn't wear mine. She finaly realised that I wasn't kidding around when my sex drive mysteriously returned! No more jewellery for either of us- thank god she's understanding.

disgust of jewelry
by: Anonymous

I'm 24. Thinking about touching jewelry makes me nauseous. I can wear materials like rope and some string, but nothing with beads or clasps. I don't have my ears pierced. I live with several girls and sometimes when I clean and see an earring on the floor, I will have to ask one of my housemates to pick it up. If no one's home, I'll pick it up with toilet paper but will have to immediately wash my hands afterwards. I am fine when I see people wearing jewelry, but when I think about touching it, that's when I feel sick. I also get a similar feeling with tiny screws and (for example) pulling the string of a fan light.

I've been like this for as long as I remember. The first time I remember being grossed out was when my friend asked me to hold her earrings before a race in elementary school.

It's weird but it's nice to know it's not just me. it's not necessarily a fear. it's more of a disgust. it's all dirty to me.

Fear of Jewelry- me too!
by: Annie

I'm 24. Thinking about touching jewelry makes me nauseous. I can wear materials like rope and some string, but nothing with beads or clasps. I don't have my ears pierced. I live with several girls and sometimes when I clean and see an earring on the floor, I will have to ask one of my housemates to pick it up. If no one's home, I'll pick it up with toilet paper but will have to immediately wash my hands afterwards. I am fine when I see people wearing jewelry, but when I think about touching it, that's when I feel sick. I also get a similar feeling with tiny screws and (for example) pulling the string of a fan light.

I've been like this for as long as I remember. The first time I remember being grossed out was when my friend asked me to hold her earrings before a race in elementary school.

It's weird but it's nice to know it's not just me.

by: Ron

Piercings absolutely disgust me, especially if they're on the face or ears. I remember when I was a kid, my aunt once tried to feed me pizza, but I refused and threw up because she wore earrings. Through my entire life I could never look at earrings on people or think of them while eating. And If I wasn't eating, I'd still feel extremely sick. Now, I'm 16, and I just got a girlfriend. She has three earrings, one on each ear in the usual place, and one more on the higher part. I feel sick whenever I look at them or accidentally touch them. She thought I was crazy when I said I didn't like them. I don't know how to make her see what I feel. She won't remove them because she doesn't want the holes to close, and it really bothers me. I still really like her though, so is there any way I can get over this disgust and discomfort? Even the word earrings, or writing about it right now gets me sick.

Finally someone else!!
by: Anonymous

I am a 17 year old girl and hate it when people ask me why i dont wear jewelry or if anyone tries to talk to me about it. Ive been scared for as long as i can remember. I don't know why i have it but i cant stand it, especially rings, if i see anyone wearig a ring ill just stare at it and wont go near it. When someone or their ring has touched an object like a glass or book i cant touch where the jewelry has touched. If i'm eating and i see jewelry or think about it i feel immediately sick. Ive never told anyone in case they thought i was being stupid and have never heard of anyone else to have the fear!!

Not alone, this is awesome
by: Anonymous

I can't believe how many posts are on here!! I've had this since I can remember and as a female it has not been easy. I remember in high school when the class rings came out I skipped school the next day because absolutely everyone was wearing theirs. For the next month it was still pretty bad.. my boyfriend at the time bless his soul never wore his to school or anywhere that I could possibly see him with it but I could tell it bummed him out. I think it was worse when I was younger being a girl, but at the same time being older if I was a guy the pickings would be pretty slim for girls that won't wear any form of it. Anyway thoughts about marriage? I'm thinking some form of tattoo or something but only because I cant think of anything else :/

i thought i was alone !
by: JJ

yes i felt the same way since i was 5! for me it's just discusting seeing people with rings, and metal bractles, and necklaces. i dont know why but epicially when food is envolved. i could never touch or wear jewlery. it's snot only jewlery but coins as well. >.< it sucks cause i would really want to wear rings but i just can't.

I cannot stand jewelry
by: Some atheist kid

I cannot even look at it. When I'm on the family computer my mother may leave her earrings around and the site of them unnerves me. I normally move them to where I cant see them. Last week I touched one trying to move it so I went the bathroom to wash my hands.

by: Anonymous

Oh my god, same. It's just disgusting, ewrhhhhhh, yuck. People think, automatically because I'm a girl, I'd want Jewellery for my birthday, god no...ewh ewh ewh. I HATE it especially when guys wear jewellery, it's disgusting, if I saw a hot guy with any form of jewellery thats me completely off him. its bad, ewh.

by: AnonymousK

Ive only just found this here, but i too have an intense disgust of jewelry...

My family thinks im stupid, and no matter how many times i ask them, they wont stop leaving their damn jewelry everywere that i go.

For example, i keep my wallet on the Fire hearth, and one of my sisters will put her earrings *vomit* on top of it, probably on purpose because theyre all like that unfortunately, and i feel like my wallet, or whatever has touched the jewelry is contaminated or something!

by: Anonymous

YOO same i cant eat or drink in front of it!! i get scared and angry

Randy Butterknubbs
by: Anonymous

Hey guys! Just wanted to add in my two cents. I feel disgusted by jewellery too, but only the ornate ones or any that have hooks or interlacing parts. I do not mind simple geometric shapes like hoop earrings and simple wedding bands, but everything else makes me pucker my mouth and retch a bit! :(

by: Cata

wow that is good to know I'm not the only one with this problem!

Not alone!
by: Re

Im 17 and i have a fear of jewelry, but as a child i used to hold my mums jewelry, I dont know how the fear started, but ever since the age of 13 I cant cant touch any form of jewelry, especialy chains. I cant even look at pictures of them in catelogues! I cant go through doors with dangely beads on top. My friends think their funny when they shrow jewelry at me, but i phyically feal sick.

jewelry dislike
by: Anonymous

i have no fear of fobia but just a dislike of metal items that have been touched alot by one or many persons.
jewelry, coins, or the railing to hold on to on stairs in public places, doorhandles etc.
i can touch them, the only problem then is that i have the feeling my hand got dirty, and i feel comfortable to use my hand to eat with for example only untill i have washed it, mayb im a little germfobic.
anyway i know how to get rid of it but i dont even want to, its not something huge and its feels like how i am, also i think its no problem to be hygenic like that as long as it doesnt control you, i can get my mind passed it and touch things then even eat with that hand for example if i want but it would make me feel very uncomfortable though.
anyway its not something you are born with, every problem anyone has descriped here is just programmed by ourselfs or an event or experience in your life, you just somehow have teached your brain to behave like that.
i think my experience that caused this is because i have seen a few people who are so comfortable with there jewelry that they out it in their mouth ( i hope i dont make anyone puke saying this :D )
anyway if you want to get rid of it if yours is more serious problem then mine then i suggest either to do like me and learn about NLP or go to a NLP professional who can easily get rid of your problem.
i hope this helps someone, NLP is highly effective, its understanding how are brains work and therefore makes us able to reprogram, cancel or make any other changes in your brain.
all your problem is is a unconciense learning of a behaviour like any other fear of bad habit we create.

Me too!
by: Peter

I've had this problem as long as I can remember. I'm 28 now, and I still can't deal with jewelry, especially if it's loose. I remember once, my sister asked my to move a dresser for her, and it had her open jewelry box on top of it, and I couldn't go near it. I needed her to close it, take it out of the room, put it in a different room, and close the door to both rooms before I could help her.

And I hate when people find out, because so often they try to amuse themselves by taking jewelry out and putting it near me to freak me out. I remember when an ex-girlfriend's sister found out, she immediately took out her earrings (just typing that word gives me the willies) and put them on the table, and I climbed over the back of the couch I was sitting on to get away from them.

Oh, thank goodness.
by: Anon

Pretty intensely happy that others feel the same, though I'm a bit less severe than the rest of these comments. I just dislike jewellery and would prefer that I and any partners are natural.
Watches are as far as I go.

me too
by: Anonymous

Oh wow. Isn't it nice to know that I'm not the only one with this problem? (apparently I'm not the unique snowflake I thought I was) haha

I remember when I was younger that I had it worst. Any kind of metal jewelry and coins gross me out. Especially if they're wet *shivers*. But as I got older, I've figured out that while we can't really cure it, we can teach ourselves to lessen the fear. I can deal with looking at them now without feeling nauseated like before BUT i cannot yet let myself touch them.
The way to adjust is by training ourselves to look a lot of jewelry pictures (worn by people) and then when watching movies with people wearing jewelries, keep on staring at the jewelries that is stuck on the body. It will be torturing at first but take your time - eventually the fear will decrease (at least, it did for me).
But I'm nowhere near normal though. Whenever i do laundry and my mom's brooch or my brother's metal badge is still pinned on their clothings, i refuse to take them off myself. Sometimes i got really mad that i pretended that i didn't see them and just put them in the washing machine with the clothes.
I'm a girl. I feel sorry for the boys who have this fear. It must be ten times harder to be them :s

Same again.
by: Pazuzu

I can't believe there are so many of us. All with the same ' disgust'. I recently read the scientist Nikola Tesla had the same phobia. Glad not to be alone in this.

Hate jewellery
by: NZ

I have had this thing since childhood and I always did thought I was the only one and found it really wiered that I am the only one who notices it.

People wearing jewelry of any sort, rings, necklaces, pearls, bracelets just disgust me.
Its very strange to some people but makes sense to me for some reason.

Glad to know there are others like me.
Dont know how people like the touch of it to their skin.

by: Anonymous

my 5 year old girl has the same thing. If i wear jewelry she wouldn't even come close to me. We suspect it all started when we baptized her. She was too small back then and was really scared of the priest that was holding the cross with the chain...i am just wondering if there is a cure for this.

by: Anonymous

omg so happy am nt the only one everyone a know think its crazy i cnt touch it all my friends tease me we maken me touch it an a freak out.i bin like this from a child an its gt worse it puts me off ppl i wont let my partner wer it cus it makes me sick but one day i wana get married so dnt no wot 2 wear an tatto wud b a no no 2 :( cnt walk in a jewel shop me worstnite mare even mags we it in x

Finally! Like minded people!
by: Sara. A.

Wow! I just can't believe I'm not alone!
When I was little I just avoided it and flat out refused anything. I probably came across as a difficult child but I couldn't exactly tell anyone about it. Being the eldest of four, it does make it slightly easier as I don't bring anything like that into the house so neither do they. Still, my Mum leaves her jewelery on the bench while cooking, which is absolutely horrible.
My little sister just loves dressing up with all Mums stuff and playing with coins/rattling them etc. Its all so horrible.

I have found a few coping methods along the way. I can, if absolutely necessary, wear a necklace of string (as long as theres no metal or anything).
I can't touch rings. Usually pick them up with a sock or paper. My friends give them to me (not knowing, cos I won't tell them) and hassle me about not getting my ears pierced.

Its not that I don't like being a girl and doing all those girly things, its that I can't do some things and I like to do other things.

Maybe this contributes to the fact I don;'t like most metal things. Coins, belt buckle things, buttons, badges etc. It only extends to some things like I can eat with a metal spoon etc.

If I have to touch stuff, I'll wash my hands continuosly and won't eat/with that hand/s until.
I have managed to get past the sometimes, but washing your hands makes you feel quite a lot better.

You can get over it...
by: Nicola

It's crazy to think that there are other people out there with the same feelings I used to have!
I couldn't hold my mum's hand incase I touched her wedding ring- it made me feel physically sick.
At 19 I started working in my cousin's shop and the first job they gave me was to clean all the jewellery cabinets. I felt ill. So ill that I almost passed out. And while it made me feel so poorly, I HAD to do it. And I did.
8 years later, I am a complete jewellery fiend- but still prefer costume stuff. I dont have my ears pierced and the thought of earrings turns my stomach!
But you can get a better!

I Hate Jewelry
by: Dana

Ever since I was 4 I got chills down my spine when I touched jewelry or even thought about touching it. Everybody thinks I'm weird but I say screw them.

Fear of jewelry
by: Confused!

This is amazing. I actually thought I was the only one in the universe. There has to be an answer to this mystery. Every comment I read is exactly the same as i feel. But I want to know more. For example, is this passed down from a family member. And many more. First I used to think girls were ok with them. Now I know that is not true.

I couldn't stand my Brothers girl friend. She whore 15 chains around her neck at one time. at the beach, she never took it off ever. The other is the words itself. Chains, Necklace, rings. Things like Coins. Dimes are the worst. They all fall under that Phobia.

Can someone please tell me why men wear them. I know there is a answer to these questions. Once I was handed A necklace from a friends girl friend who was breaking up. she handed it to me and I remember the feeling I got. I cringed. my stomach turned and I walked into my room and and dropped it quickley on the desk. Yuk!! Another was when we were playing hockey and our goalie call after and asked if we seen his neckless that he dropped we went to look and I saw it but did nothing.

I tried holding a chain and no matter what, I felt icky. I have dabled with the Idea Hypnosis, still think its who I am. I don't like it. Thats the way it is.

Thanks for telling your stories. Best of luck to all of us. There is alot more of us. lets hear from you.

If anybody hears of a cure or some way around it please let us know.

by: nacklace

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I'm not alone!
by: Ashley

Oh my goodness, I'm not alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I thought I was the only one. Everybody here has posted everything I feel when I see/touch a piece of jewelry. I can't stand it, it completely freaks me out. I'm so glad. And you know what? When (If) I get married, I want my rings tattooed. No diamonds for me, thank you very much!

Thank you
by: Kim

Thank you all for sharing your feelings. I feel better about my own jewelry phobias. It's a relief to know I am not alone in this fear.

How Interesting
by: Anonymous

As with everyone else on this page i never expected to find people with the same ailment as me so easily, let alone so quickly! I looked this up at random to see if I wasn't the only one that has this problem.

I don't know what it is exactly, I think it's the interlacing of small metal parts, ESPECIALLY with small golden chain bracelets or necklaces. On occasion I see them sitting in small pools of water on a sink or counter and i have to strongly resist the urge to be very ill as it disgusts me to no end.

Many times if i see metal jewelry on a person I can no longer eat comfortably, as i imagine the article i saw in my food, or some form of metal adornment. So yes I am also in the same boat as people on here who see jewelry in people's mouths and feel sick.

I think the problem can be partially overcome, like any extreme disgust or irrational hatred, by interacting with it. For example, my brother often leaves his rings and dog tags in my room (which he chews on incessantly) and I have to transport them out of my sight. Given, writing that above article did make me cringe multiple times, and I still don't want them in sight nor do I EVER want to touch them or be a part of them, it has helped me get along a little easier.

Still, wish I knew what it was, or if it had a name or was a recognized condition at all? Maybe we wouldn't have to deal with all the lack of understanding and abuse we get for having this condition.

YUK- I threw up a bit
by: Gemma

To hear you even writing about jewelery is making me shudder.
I can take my intense phobia of jewelery back to watching my mother pour the water out of a hoop earing that had filled up while she showered.

I often get lost property items handed in at my work- and i cannot touch them. They have to be inside folded paper or flicked into the store or the bin.

So funny to see people like me on here.

I have been able to wear certain pieces of jewelery, however this is rare- and these pieces have been made especially for me.

i thought i was alone
by: Fiona (11 year old girl)

I used to share a room with my sister and she loves jewlery. My older brother pretends that he doesnt know so he has an excuse to touch me with it even though he DOES know. Im so upset when my friends give me friendship braclets because they expect you to wear it and what am i supposed to say. Also, when we do art they use beads and why am i not using them? If i told the teahcher im scared they will put me in a special ed. class or different class. Once in 1st grade we had multi cultural day and our class got peru. I had to wear a necklace and i almost threw up. Im only 11 and its really hard for me. Good thing when i was little i chose to be a tom boy and i actually like it. I hate going in the pool in someone has earings on or at sleepovers. If i tell the teacher someone is gonna over hear it and make fun of me.Im scared of my wedding day. i will wear stretchy bands and silly bandz but not bracelets, necklaces, beads and ESPECIALLY EARINGS! I just want it to go away!!!! :(

by: Anonymous

I have also had this intense disgust for jewellery my entire life! I have had exactly the same experiences everyone else has described. I also loathe commercials for the stuff.

I am studying psychology and what I experience doesn't even seem like a true phobia. Jewellery doesn't scare me, it disgusts me. I am surprised I have never heard of anybody else that experiences this as well. Or even if there is a psychological term for this disgust, because I don't believe it is a phobia. I will ask one of my professors what they think and get back to you guys.

I also worry about what I am going to do if I get married one day. Does anyone have any ideas?

by: Anonymous

I just decided to look this up on a whim, when I had to leave the room because once again my sister left her earrings next to the soap dispenser. And I am so glad I'm not alone and not crazy. I've always hated the metal of jewellery, especially rings, necklaces and piercings. They just seem so dirty and if I accidentally touch any of these things I'll either have to wash my hands or wipe the "unclean" sensation off.

It's especially annoying when friends and stuff don't understand, one o my friends has his nose pierced and deliberately twists the ring around and around because it makes me feel sick. It's so mean. D: And I hate having to explain to people why I don't have my ears pierced. Because they say and do crap as well.

Again, I am so happy there are like minded people out there. C:

my 6 yr old son has a fear of jewelry
by: Anonymous

omg i cant beleave al the ppl who have this fear, my son is 6 and he also has a fear of jewelry, he has two older sisters that love jewelry witch makes things hard, he says when he see's jewelry it make's him feel sick he cannot bear to toutch it, im trying to find more info on the fear if anyone can help


I also have a fear of jewelry. I cannot touch it, wear it, or be around people who wear it. When people cook with jewelry, I don't want to eat the food. When jewelry gets wet it terrifies me. Small pieces are the worst. When i meet new people i try to avoid shaking hands because of their rings. I cant eat around people with it on or even look at them. People don't believe me and tell me i'm crazy. One day my mom and my friend held me down on the bed and tried to put a necklace on me but when i stated screaming and crying they got off and realized i wasn't lying. One question everyone ask me is what are you going to do when you get married? but I don't know the answer to that. I wish this fear could just go away.

I don't know why But i HATE IT
by: Anonymous

Wow i thought i was a freak for being scared of jewelry it doesn't scare me but repulses me. When i was little i couldn't even breathe near it. I don't care if other people wear it if i don't touch the stuff you can do what ever you want with it just don't touch me with it. But the owrst part is that no one knows how i feel cause they don't understand the fear. They think i am wierd and tease me by dangeling the stuff around me. Of course i scream in run into the bathroom. Hmmm but the worst part is that it is not just jewelry it is anything that looks to be like it.
When i get married i want a flower not a ring!

My girlfriend wears necklaces
by: Jonny

I suffer from an intense disgust of jewellery, as well as towards similar objects like buttons and bits of string. When I was a child and people asked me why, the only explanation I could give was with the word "bitty". These objects are small and fiddly and, well, "bitty". Its totally irrational but something I have to live with. Just imagine having a phobia of bits of string!! My brother, unknowing of my disposition, once bought me a bead necklace as a souvenir from a holiday, and I couldn't even bring myself to touch it without gloves on. It is a heavy burden to carry, this phobia, especially when other people cannot understand it and ridicule you for it. But such are the trials of life.

Anyway I have a girlfriend of about nine months, and she doesn't wear any jewellery (thank god), except for two chain necklaces which were given to her by her grandparents when she was very young. These necklaces really sick me out, they detract from her beauty, and bother me during sex. They are only small, but to me they ruin her entire image of attractiveness and purity. But I can't say anything and just have to live with it because I love her so much. I see it as an expression of my love that I would never ask her to remove them, even though they revolt me, because they are important to her on a personal level. This is something I have come to terms with and must live with for the rest of my life. I have told her that I loathe jewellery, and luckily she respects that and refrains from earrings and such, but I think she will wear these two necklaces for eternity and it is something I must live with. Such a pity that I will never get to see her in the most pure beauty of all: Naked, unadorned, natural, and untainted by jewellery. But such is life, and if we are to live happily we must bite the bullet and live in tolerance of such tribulations.

same here
by: emily nelson

i thought i was the only one who is afraid of jewelry, all my life i have been scared to touch. i dont know why i hate it so much. just the thouhgt of feeling the cold silver or gold makes me nervous.

Feels good to know i am not alone!
by: KIM J

Wow! I am so glad i typed in phobia of jewellery not ever expecting to find others like me. I thought i was a freak. Everyone looks at you funny when you tell them. Until my son agreed with me one night. I think about people who work out and sweat with it on or shower with it and it almost seems to me that scum would build up on it. Ugh! I have even tossed out all of my jewellery and will only wear cloth or beaded jewellery.

My family doesn't understand
by: SoTrue1129

I'm glad Im not the only who feels this way. My family cracks jokes on me and even tries to be funny and throw jewelry on me. I immediately have to wash after that.With me it's more like a digust then fear. I hate seeing jewelry in water. If you go swimming please take it off!!I also hate when someone wants to kiss your cheek but they have on big earrings. The thought of it touching my face is so digusting. Or seeing a guy nibbling on a girls ear and she has on earrings ewww! Also no one should touch someone elses jewelry.

omg im so happy im not alone.
by: MO Matt

as far back as i can remember i hated it. my mom said when i was a baby i would cry if she had earings in. and when i was in kindergarten thru 2nd grade i would wear gloves and throw all my sisters and moms jewerly away. it so hard to find a GF cause nowadays thats all they wear and omg i just get so sick to my stomach when i see it in a mouth ..... i tried explaining it to ppl but the only way i could decribe it was my stomach cringes and i get a weird sensation like when i scratch a nail file, all goosebumps and stuff. ive always wanted to talk to somebody bout it.

jewelry phobia
by: ioan

i also have the jewelry phobia, i wish i could understand why and how it started ! the thought of holding earings in my hand or holding rings etc especially makes me feel sick.
where did this come from ?? maybe i swallowed one by accident as a young child or

i kind of stay away from people who are pierced or wear lots of jewelry, i met a girl once and even stopped seeing her because she had earings in !!! it was the only reason ! haha terrible and sad i know !
i really wish i knew the reason ! it's a horrible phobia

by: Lauren

Just even writing the word makes me quiver a little inside. I have found myself having panic/anxiety attacks when someone lingers it near me. I won't touch it. My mom thinks I fake it and just tells me to get over it. I try to ration with her and tell her it's just like spiders, a common phobia, but she can't quite seem to comprehend. It reaches beyond the metal, it also includes polished stones. I can and will touch a rock in it's natural form, but once it has gone through the polishing and cutting it becomes in instant fear. Diamonds are not this girls best friend. It's also the metal that goes through a persons skin that makes me sick to my stomach. I don't want to see it, much less come near it.
I'm glad I am not the only one.

I feel a little less freakish now...
by: Pitter Patter Spatter Pattern

EXACT SAME THING! and I thought I was the only one. When I was a little kid, I had a mental image of a silhouetted head and neck, with a pearl necklace down the throat, and this was a bad thing and nasty and such.

It's like--anything small and intricate, especially if it's dirty, and in conjunction with bodily orifices--ugh! Freaks me OUT. So when people put their necklaces into their mouths, I tend to shudder and look away.

Also--you know those stringy things, like a long strand of little metal spheres, that, say, army dog tags are strung on. GOD I hate those.

This is why I love the Internet, though...

Fear of Jewelry
by: Emily

I don't know what it's called, but I have it too. I don't think anything happened to make me afraid of it, but I can't touch it. If I do, then I freak out and have to rub the place where I touched it on something. It even bugs me to look at it, especially those gold chains that guys wear for some reason. Even coins bother me, though I'll hold them if I have to. The sight of anyone putting it in their mouth makes me want to puke. I guess I'll have to hold off on the wedding rings if I ever get married. ^^;

Jewelry can be terrifying
by: Annie Hepp

Hello Matt. I looked up fear of jewelry for a friend cos she has the same problem. I think she will be thankful to hear she is not the only person with this phobia.

She feels physically ill too when jewelry touches her, or she is near anyone who wears too much. Her kids can't wear any jewelry, which bugs her teenage daughter no end.

Thanks for your post.

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