by Emily P

just thinking about bugs makes me uneasy and nauseated. my friend once lightly joked that there was a spider in my hair and i had a full on panic attack, i started crying and screaming really hard, my heart was beating really fast and i was shaking!

this also happened when i saw a moth in my room. i couldn't go in there for days. and after i knew it was gone i went to extreme measures to make sure there were no more and that no more would get in, i blocked the under of the door with a blanket.

i realize this sounds silly but i cannot help it. i really want to just be able to laugh about bugs and think that it's no big deal if one is around, i can't be within 5 feet of any bug.

but the only bugs i am not really that afraid of are house flies and worms, the rest i cannot handle. at all.

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