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by: Vanezya R

My biggest fear in this whole wide world is insects. Unfortunately,I live in Aussie which is very popular with its bugs. Live in Aussie feels like live in the middle of safariland. No matter how good you maintain and clean your house,those filthy things will keep coming into your house. Insects that I'm not afraid of are only house flies and mosquitos. I can't help it other than that. I'm even scared with little butterflies but the worst is cockroach. When I see a roach,I can do nothing. Suddenly my heart beats so fast,I'll be sweaty and I can't move even if it's only for 1 inch and it feels like I'm gonna die.My siblings and my friends love to make fun of me about this and when they do,I'll cry and I'll be really ashamed after that. If someone can help me to cure this phobia. Please,I'm begging you to help me because I just want to be normal.

I also have insectophobia
by: Anonymous

I feel exactly the same! I am always finding insects in my room and i refuse to go in there till the next day.. When i just see an insect on TV I start shaking. The worst is in our science class we are doing a project on insects! I have to look at hundreds of insect pictures and most days i end up crying in class and being humiliated! :-(

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