Incy- Wincy Spider

by Nick
(Chennai TN India)

My name is Nick and I'm from India.
When I was a wee tyke I was a crazy little "typhoon" as my mom called me.

My parents decided that the only way to keep me quiet was to 'threaten' me with an imaginary monster.They placed a large,purple spider behind the jars on the bathroom shelf.

They told me that there was a 'thing' in the bathroom that would get me if I didnt behave.And when I didnt: when I was taking my bath the next day I would see a purple leg sticking out of the shelf like some sort of ominous tentacle.

My parents told me that"Incy Wincy Spider" ; the monster in the bathroom was ready to ingest me and they told me that soon I'd be Spider chow.

Sadly, even though I'm 14 now and I know that spiders are totally harmless to humans I am unable to suppress a natural hate for these hairy arachnids..........................................

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