In the shower I can't stand having the water touch my face.

by Dakota
(Gympie, Queensland, Australia)

I'm 14 and can swim perfectly fine with my head under the water.i can hold my breath for a long time. i love having my head under the water when swimming. But in the shower, i can't stand having the water touch my face. i feel like i can't breath. It scares me. I feel like im drowning - like im being smothered to death. i've tried having a towel over my face and it doesn't help. when im in the bath and i wash my hair i still cant do it. it just scares me. i leave my hair for as long as i can before washing it again but my hair just ends up looking oily and i eventually just have to wash it again. I just can't stand the water touching my face. why does this happen and what is it called? what can i do to help it

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