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I hear ya
by: Anonymous

I also have this fear. I try to expose mysef to it to get used to it, but I just feel disgusted and I get a lump in my stomach. eww

Fear Of nail varnish
by: laura

I am so incredibly happy to see that someone else has a fear of nail varnish! I am also a girl. As far as i remember it always has been something that has scared me, but as time has went on it has go worse. Certain people's hands with nail varnish will make me feel physically sick, it would put me off my food. Also if they touch my food i won't be able to eat it. It is actually such a problem, no one understands. I have recently been asked to be my cousins bridesmaid and everyone said it's her big day i HAVE to. But i physically don't think i would be able to. Gaaaaa, so strange :S

by: alex

I thought i was the only one about the nail thing...i really dont even like saying the word. its not much of a fear i just cant look at it or be around it. I shutter when anything that has to do with it comes up.I struggled to even type the letters in to google the phobia

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