I'm terrified of shower mold

Since I was a child I've been absolutely terrified of shower mold. Just typing this gives me chills. I'm talking about the black stuff between shower tiles, along the edge of the tub, in the track of shower doors and anywhere else you can find it. I'm also afraid of mold around sinks. I'm not afraid of it in the sense of feeling like I'm in danger. I'm not afraid of toxic mold like asbestos. I'm not afraid of molded or rotten food. Only the stuff in the shower. It was so bad as a child that I avoided showering for two weeks when visiting relatives. I would stand outside and pour bottles of water over my head. As an adult I would avoid giving my son a bath because I couldn't watch him swim next to the pipes and corners of the tub that I automatically associate with shower mold, even though our shower is spotless due to my obsession. Whenever I use the restroom at other people's houses, I always peak into their shower just to see how bad it is and I'm almost always freaked out. My wife says it's gross but is definitely not afraid of it. I'll watch her put her foot on the edge of the tub to shave her legs and all I wanna do is scream, "don't put your foot there! It's disgusting!" What the hell is wrong with me?

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