I'm Suffering From Social Phobia

by Hesam

Hi,im hesam a 23 year boy from iran. Actually im always suffering from social phobia. i have extreme fears of people. extreme fear of beeing harshly criticized by them or i can say that i fear people' anger alot towards me.

and also i have extreme fear of beeing badly judged by them and beeing rejected by them and therefore being rejected from the facilities that they could have provided for me.

i also have an extreme fear of not expressing my anger and self-defense when i am harshly criticized by people illogically.

Actually I've had sochial phobia from my childhood and i have alway been suffering the attacks of anxiety whenever i face people in society. This phobia frightens me to go out every day and i want to stay at home. because i fear people alot whenever i meet people i feel so much anxiety and mental pain that i cant tolerate them and i like just to run away from them.

in just the couple of months ago, i found that where my problema are rooted. i found that all my life i had social phobia and fear of criticism,anger and also my inability to exprees my anger and to defend myself in front of those people who like to criticize me illogically.

i always fear of anger from people and in order to avoid that i always try to be nic with people that i don't like and try to tolerate them and also try to please them in order to avoid them to express their anger and criticism over me.

because if they do it i feel that im about to die and i feel so much anxiety and mental pain when somebody shouts at me and criticizes me with anger. and because of that i always have fear of not to do a single and simple mistake in front of people, because i f i do. they willk attack me and i feel they are about to kill me.

Whenever a person looks at me and gaze at me i fear that he will come to me and will hit me. i feel that all boys and men are crazy that they would illogically come to me and start htting me and irritating me for no reason.

Although i know that my fears are illogical but i can't overcome them.

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