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social phobia
by: Rifhat Habib

my name is rifhat habib from pakistan i am also suffering from social last two years, every time have shyness, nervousness, i am very disturb plz tell how it overcomes, i lost all hope i dont no whats happening with me.

by: Melissa

Iam having the same exact symptoms!!!

my life sucks too.....
by: sai kumar

ya, i do have it and i m from India,i m 19 and my story goes a bit like this... i m a bit popular figure in my college as a good looking dude i my new day in college and all women /senior/jr... useto rush to me every day that i useto lot of scared(pain) and i feel so threat being exposed to all of them(i never talk to girls) ... now i m in my b-tech III year and i feel safe (now) bcos every one ignores me (thank god) but in a year i have to go to america for my masters degree... this thought of going out itself killing me.... i don't no what will happen there.. i m really scared ...!

come here
by: sosan

come here and live with me, I promise you will be improved.

I have social phobia too
by: Anonymous

I can make friends but as soon as a new friend starts getting critical, I will avoid them altogether rather than tell them to stop. The thought of having to tell someone to stop being so critical is too frightening. It's easier to avoid them. At first they will pursue me to try to find out what is wrong but I'm so afraid of being judged/criticised, and too scared to stick up for myself, I find it easier to just keep avoiding them. Eventually, they get mad and leave me alone. I think I attract people that like to control others because I appear easy going. I would rather make nice than to have a confrontation. I feel that even people who don't know me will not like me and think badly of me. It prevents me from even trying to make friends. I'm, now 45 years old and have always felt this way. My mother always used to belittle me and put me down when I was a kid, and used to make me think no one liked me. Maybe I never got over that. The only friends I am able to keep are the ones who seem safe (not harsh) to me. I literally have a panic attac at the thought of answering my phone for fear that it is someone wanting to give me a hard time. My heart pounds and I have anxiety whenever my phone rings and I can't make myself answer. Often, I have to go calm myself down, think about who just called, think about why they are calling, and only after I feel thta it's "safe" to talk to them I will call them back. yes, I know it's strange but I cant help it.

Hi there
by: Gadie

My Name is Gadie I am from Egypt and I too have social Phobia.I am 18 and have had it since I was seven years old. I have always been picked on for being too quiet and for looking so stressed when I'm around people.It hurt me for a long time what people said and made me feel like it was my fault.I think you look gorgeous and maybe that's why your afraid of other guys critisizing you? You look great and I wish you all the best luck!

a hope for u

Avery good way to overcome is when u are front of people. Put hand over ur heart and say 'very big heart' ,.....and feel the magic... Dude this is my experience!

I suffer too
by: Özcan

Salam, I'm from Turkey and I suffer from severe social anxiety. I will be 34 this summer and I'm still not married. I don't think I can ever marry and have children. I can't even work. I have lost my hope.

by: Mopsa

I also suffer from social phobia. I don-t believe I will ever overcome it completely, but cognitive behavioral therapy has been helping a lot. It has been a gradual process. You shoul try it! By the way, you are beautiful - a little boost on the ego is always of great help ;)

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