I'm scared of the undead.

by Audrey
(Shanghai, China)

Since I was five I've been scared of those white cartoon ghosts. People say that you should solve what happened in the origin of your fear but I'm not scared of those little white ghosts anymore. I'm scared of those scarier stuff like zombies, vampires, lives skeletons, and soooo much more that's related to the undead. I'm deathly scared of zombies especially. I've NEVER been to a haunted house EVER. When I was in kindergarten, when it was halloween, the teachers made a haunted house and y that time I was very brave. But when I got in I saw a cackling skeleton on a rocking chair and bam. I was off and running to the exit. I ended up getting candy that day. I know that I need to work up my courage since I'm maturing. Please help. Thanks.

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