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me three!
by: Anonymous

wow I have the exact same phobia!.. but like you said its not so much about drowing but the fact that i cant see whats down there, i feel like something is gona grab my feet and drag me down!

by: Kayla Nicole

I'm a great swimming. I wanna be a life guard when I'm older because I love the water so much, but I get scared at the beach, I can hardly go in past my knees or I start freaking out. I also get scared when I'm in big pools. For some reason I think a shark or something is gonna eat me. I start freaking out when I go over bridges, all my friends laugh at me. Its not like I can stop being afraid of bridges or deep water. I hate it though. /:

me too
by: Anonymous

It's not so much drowning,but i feel that something will come out of the water and eat me.

by: Anonymous

I'm exactly the same! that photo you posted brought tears to my eyes! do you have a phobia of the sound too, like when a movie is on and it's under water it's the 'mmmmmmm' sound? cause that has made me sick and sharks, ehh :( I'm glad i'm not the only one :/

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