I'm Scared of Internet Explorer

by Midna
(Twilight Realm)

I'm scared of Internet Explorer. I used to use IE and got viruses and found stuff on my laptop that I didn't download. Also, it's very unsecured.

I'm not as scared of it as I used to be because I have the latest version of Firefox and have updated anti-virus. I have gotten rid of all virus threats and all ad-ware etc. Since I don't use IE anymore, I find that I hardy ever have a problem.

The internet browser is much faster and better and I love the style. I really love the logo and especially the fox (Red Panda), it's actually a red panda, not a fox, but I call it a fox because it looks like one.

I'm still a nervous because Internet Explorer is still on my laptop and even though I don't use it, I don't know if it's doing anything like opening away for hackers to get in. Also, out of all the web browsers I know of, it takes the longest to install.

So it could've installed some stuff I don't know about. I know the AVG and especially the Firefox Fox will do it's best to protect me. When I see IE on other computers, I freak out a little.

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