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ghosts problem
by: teun

i have seen a program about ghosts on syfy have been looking on the internet and i saw a scary movie. i'm very scared for ghosts what can i doo. i'm already thirteen years old and its a real problem please help me i can't sleep and i'm now scared to be alone at night. what can i do?

Me 2
by: Anonymous

I am going throught that stage to.My sister and her boyfriend had been looking up stuff about ghosts and its been a week or so and I cant sleep at night because I get scared and think something is going to bother me.

ghosts don't exist
by: Anonymous

ya, i had the same problem. its just ur mind playing tricks on u. if uve seen any pics of ghosts, dont believe it: its a trick of the light of somebody changed it. anyway, think of something else to get ur mind off of it. it will eventually go away in about 2 weeks, and you'll be okay

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