I'm petrified of all sea creatures and sea food.

by Théa

I've just always been terrified of it, he way seaweed is all slimy and stuff and the way octopuses have those little sucker things and legs with no bones! I can hardly bear to look at my moms pet goldfish, and he's normally hidden by all the rocks in the tank. I have never touched any sea creature or anything that is found in the sea except rocks. All my so called friends laugh at me and draw fishes to freak me out. There was this one time when I dropped a pen lid in class, net down to pick it up and someone had stuck a paper fish drawing under my desk. I screamed and blacked out. I know that I may be overreacting a little but I just can't help it! I only went in the sea once but then I saw a jellyfish and never went in there again. I am just naturally freaked out by fishes of all kinds and stuff that is naturally found in the sea except rocks, I'm not scared by the sea itself, just by the stuff inside it.

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