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i am too.
by: Anonymous

there was this one time when i was in fourth grade on a field trip, and we had to go on escalators. i was really scared when we went up it. so when we had to go down, i stayed there, bcz i was scared. so what ended up happening was the chapperone and the rest of my group had to come get me and go down the escalator with me bcz i was scared. it still scares me to this day when i have to get on them.

by: Tina

I'm really, really scared of escalators. I sometimes use an up escalator if there are people in front or behind me, i can only use the escalator if it's not that high. I also have hydrophobia and I'm afraid of heights. I'm also super afraid of shots I will run around the room just to avoid getting one. SO i guess you can say I'm a freak.

Don't Worry
by: Anonymous

Don't worry, I am too. :) It's hard to go to the mall with this problem.

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