Im emetophobic

by Maisey
(los angeles ca u.s)

Ever since i remember, i'm emetophobic. i've had this problem since i was 5. When i see
someone that looks, feels or is vomiting, i start sweating, and yell to the person to get away from me and start crying.

Even when i see vomit in the streets i freak out and never go thorough that place anymore, when i go to public restrooms they have to be really clean. i used to go to the extremes that i didn't eat or very little and if i did i would start sweating and shaking uncontrollably, also i panic of public places, if im on one i'm constantly checking on people to see if they look healthy, eating or laughing.

Although i don't go to the extremes of not yelling or crying when that happens, i've got used to live with this phobia that wont stop me from doing things i want.

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