i'm back. (Three Years Later.)

by nicholas
(kokomo, IN)

Hey, everybody, it's me. I am SO angry! i cant stop with the fear! i think its trying to control me. i cant help what i do or say, and its freaking me out! its like... when im near a balloon, im a different person. i even had to excuse myself out of a church activity. luckily, no one asked why. no one found out, either. i need to find a cure, and FAST! if i dont, who knows what ill do to excuse myself next? i dont want to risk people finding out. i figured out what the watching videos thing with the volume off is all about, though. i think my body is trying to get me to get rid of my fear. if so, i can only hope. if i tell anyone, i dont think theyll understand. i like balloons, but i cant help myself when theres people around. not even my family understands. i dont want that to happen to me with my friends... and... lose them. i have 2 reasons why im afraid of balloons: 1yone., because they make a loud sound if they are big enough, and 2, because they torment me by being still just before they BURST. sometimes they burst for no reason. my story, is not yet finished. ill be back when i have something to say. ill see you later, everyone.

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