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some help
by: Anonymous

I saw that movie too! The bath scene was soo soo scary, I was also afraid to take baths for a few months afterwards because my bathroom has the same set-up as the one in that movie! I gradually overcame this as I forgot about the movie, though.

The good thing is, baths aren't a necessary part of everyday life; you can take showers instead (as you say you do.)

Should you ever decide to try and overcome this fear, here are some tips for you:
1. Have your significant other take a bath with you. This will make you feel more secure.
2. Light candles, play music, burn incense, etc., anything that will help relax you.
3. Put up a cross or other religious symbol in your bathroom to protect and bless the room.
4. Leave the phone right next to the bathtub in case of emergency, this will also make you feel safer.
5. Try to start yourself out by only taking body baths, so you don't have to submerge your head underwater.

Hope that helped!

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