Im afraid to have fun

by addalyn

I am afraid to have fun all I do is work hard. I know it's not a bad thing to work hard, but when you work hard all the time it could ruin your life. I work hard at school work and home and im starting to think thats all I know. My first cousin (which who I grew up with) just threw her 21st birthday bash, i wanted to go so bad but like usual I didn't because im scared to have fun. I believe the reason for me not being used to going out and having fun is because I was raised by very strict parents and she wasn't I don't blame my mom nor dad for this but I do wish as a kid that I would of had a little bit more freedom so that I know what its like to have so scared to do something fun, im like a dog who's been wearing a shock collar. The shock collar is off but im still afraid to bark. I feel like everytime I want to go out i'll get yelled at and grounded and get a lecture a mile long. What do I do now. Do I stay afraid or just go for it. And if I do go for it where do I begin?

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