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Me too
by: Anonymous

I also have this phobia aswell as a fear of my 'inny' bit on my neck. I believe a fear of wrists is called carpophobia apparentl carp means wrist in greek or latin.

my friend is too
by: Anonymous

My best friend has a fear of wrists also....she cant look at them or she will shake and get sick...she is also scared of veins....just wondering if you guys have found out what this phobia is called?

Me too!
by: Emmasj

I have that fear too! I've never heard of anyone else with this phobia. Actually, mine is a bit more intense . . . I used to be just afraid of exposing my wrist, but now it's grown--I can't expose any of my inner forearm, from the wrist to the elbow. I also can't expose the backs of my knees.

For years, I've tried to find a name for it--but I haven't been able.

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