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by: Anonymous

About 2 years ago I was walking in the mall and I saw a pregnant woman. I instantly became nauseous. This had never happened to me before, and ever since then I've had a problem. The thought of a human being growing inside of another is no longer miracle to me, I just think its terrifying and somewhat discusting. I used to want to be a housewife, and now I no longer want to have my own children due to this.

by: Kaitlyn

lol Ok so I can't exactly laugh at you because alot of weird fears also but I hope you get over this fear because I can't imagine that

by: Anonymous

im so sorry u have this fear. i just had a baby 2 months ago. i shouldnt lol @ u about this because i myself have a fear of whales. uggg...just typing the word makes me want 2 cry. but when i read your posting & read the part when u said that u think they could explode i just couldnt stop lol. again im super sorry about lol at u but it just sounds so funny prego women exploding.

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