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That is not how phobias work
by: Anonymous

What you are describing is, simply enough, not a phobia.

I'd like you to just get on YouTube and search for the keyword "phobia". Look at some of the reactions you see.

If you had a "phobia" of your own existence, you would be experiencing those reactions continually. You are clearly not.

As to what it is, well, I have some thoughts, but none that would do you any good (or come across as particularly charitable).

I thank God for his existance now.
by: Anonymous

Hi, I use to have this fear when I was a kid, I use to lay in bed at night and cry I was so afraid of God and just his existence because it was so confusing. And to a kid I just could not gather the thought of Him being everywhere it was spooky, and other things I can not see, even to my own kids now I think it spooks them out, but I always tell them God is here to save them. And the devil is here to try and keep people away from being reconciled with God even with people phobias they are all lies that our flesh desires and longs for, our flesh longs after things that we can not begin to understand this is normal for this sinful world, but God has a kingdom that you will never have to worry about this. Fixate you mind and thoughts on what's to come in heaven.
And try your hardest to live in the footsteps of Jesus Christ and prayer to for understanding, and strength against fears. Still today it's hard to grasp this concept a maker over all things is hard to swallow for many people.
Question have you reckonized your need for Jesus?

by: Anonymous

In order for there to be life, there must be existance. Oh course you exist, you wrote your post.

Does the Universe exists, yes. Go online to Hubble, and check out the beautiful pictures.

If you truly believe there is not existance of anything, please seek a therapist who can help you.

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