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Hey there.. don't be afraid
by: katy

I know this may be a difficult time in your life and now that you are maturing, you may find that it's just hard to view life like your family or others do. It may seem like its easier to take your life, but trust me, this is the furthest thing you would want to do. Life is precious, believe it or not IT IS. Everyone goes through difficult periods in their life (very true). Those who are enduring a tough time but don't seem to show it, are strong and see the good that lies ahead for them (they are FIGHTERS).

Everyone reaches their peak (happiness, self worth, appreciation, maturity) Its all just a matter of time. In the meantime YOU need to FIGHT and overcome those tough obstacles. You have a whole life ahead of you that you need to see! Trust me there LIFE is the greatest gift. What are your passions? Do you have any? If not, then explore, figure out whats pleasurable to you. Volunteer your time at an animal shelter, involve yourself in the community, read a book (It's amazing how reading can change your views in life).

Most importantly, follow what you desire. Be tough! There is so much more out there that you've haven't experienced. There is a beautiful world waiting to be explored. Life is nothing to be afraid of. You are currently having these mixed feelings with rush of emotions and sense of loneliness. Many of us have been there and have pulled through. Stay strong you will overcome this. :)

by: Somebody who was there

I was the same in school. Any bullies bothering you? What you have to do is: be aware that fear is a mistake. It is the opposite of love. Try to love instead of being afraid. Nothing bad can happen to you. Believe in God and in angels and other spiritual guides. Believe in yourself, no matter what the society/family/colleagues tell you. You are perfect just because you exist. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You don't need more. Then, don't think that much about yourself and DON'T care about what other people might think/say about you. You are perfect and unique. You are made of love. you are love. Take vitamins, make sport, breathing exercises, drink water, eat. SMILE. Pray. BE OPTIMISTIC NO MATTER WHAT. You are powerful and wonderful. LISTEN ONLY POSITIVE IDEAS, emit only positive ideas. Be blessed!

You'll be okay
by: Anonymous

Don't give up the fight love, Life is worth living. I know it's hard. I know it's tough. I know there are some days where all you want to do is cry and hide. I've been there too. A lot of people have. You being here is proof that you are meant to be here. Please do not go away or take your own life. YOU are meant to be here on earth. Life isn't easy, but life is definitely worth fighting forth. Struggles and obstacles will transform you into a strong human being. Do not give up. When I was 14 I had many issues (the same as you). I was on medication, saw therapists, and had suicidal thoughts all the time. I would stay in my room for days. I didn't want anyone to talk to me. I was so alone and scared. Scared of everything. Scared to be happy. Scared to socialize. Scared to get out there in the world. I do not like pain, I do not like fear. But understand that FEAR is what holds you back from truly living the life you deserve. You deserve the best in life. Teenage years are some of the toughest. But please don't go away. It is hard, but it will get better for you. I promise. Smile. The world is yours.

by: Anonymous

It may sound stupid, but it's just depression. You will get better, but you have to want to live. If you just give up then you'll regret it for the rest of your life. Don't be afraid. The world is better off WITH you. Don't cut yourself or take pills, because I swear it will hurt, and it will make you realise that you actually want to live. Like dancing on the edge of cliff and almost falling, which makes you realise that you didn't want to fall at all. I know it hurts like nothing else, but if you prove to yourself that the world both wants and needs you, then believe me, things will get better.

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