Im afraid of ladybugs

by Miranda L.

One day I was like going to sleep my light was on and I was about to turn it off when a lady bug came out of nowhere!!! I almost screamed.

It all started when I was little and my mom made huge valentine cookies (remember I was little then) and i acidently droped mine on the floor I picked it up and started to eat it and somthing tasted funny I swollowed and ran to get milk and I gulped it down but I could still taste it and so I at like a bunch of strong food and garlic bread did the trick.

We got lady bugs in our house alot in the winter(I was a little older) so when i was holding the railing to go up stairs I smoosed like 20 lady bugs you turn on the lights (pull the string) and you smoosh like 30 more, so thats why im afraid of ladybugs.

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