I'm afraid of heights and leeches

by Abbie
(Eugene, OR., America)

I've been acrophobic (afraid of heights) for as long as I can remember, I can't Ben get up onto the top of a medium sized step ladder with out basically having a panic attack. I can't even really ski because of it. I believe it's genetic because my dad and grandpa are acrophobic too but maybe not, it could also stem from the fact that my dad used to try and scare me by driving near cliffs when I was little.

I'm also terrified of leeches (bdellophobia), I can't look at them, I can't even listen to people talk about them. When I was thirteen I went on a trip to Australia with my grandma and while we were on a hike in the rain I was basically attacked by leeches. I was so paranoid about them after the first one that none of them actually managed to break skin before I pulled them off but by the end of the hike I had pulled 17 off of me and no one else had gotten a single on on them. I've been told they like some blood types more than others and that's why they went after me. Overall it was a horrifying day.

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