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missin out
by: ceylon19

hi!!:) we have the same problem.. i totally feel uncomfortable in crowds specially when they start lookin at me.. i get so conscious..its a confidence thing for me..i'm already 19 yrs old and this "fear" is getting in the way of a lot of things in my life.. an example is i turned down some people who offered me a modeling job cause i'd pee my pants if i were on the runway with tons of people staring at me.. hell i even hate it when i have to do reports in front of class and i start shaking.. sometimes i think i need a psychologist.. i feel like i'm missin out on a lot in life cuz of this stupid phobia.. you know what i've been bullied too in school when i was younger.. i was the dork who didnt have any fashion sense and got picked on a lot by some mean girls.. maybe thats one of the reasons.. it totally made me have low self-esteem even if i'm not that "dork" anymore.... anywayz try to overcome ur fear and just do what ya luv to do.. dont care what people think of you.. if this phobia of yours is really serious and its starting to affect ur life.. try seeing ur school counselor or sumthin.. they could help a lot.. just change the way you think. . i'm workin on it too.. gud luck kid!:)

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