I'm Afraid Of Cotton Balls

by Austin
(Dodgeville, WI, United States)

My name is Austin Bucci. i am 15 years old and I'm afraid of cotton balls. My friends, parents, and the rest of my family all think it's ridiculous, but i really am afraid of them. I'm not afraid of cotton in clothes or sheets or towels or even Q tips. Just cotton balls.

I can't see or touch them, or I'll flip out. The mere thought of it gives me the shivers and leaves me with an empty feeling in my chest. I can't even look at cotton balls or my body cringes. And I get freaked out when people chew on their clothing, like big cottony sweatshirts.

Its the sound that the cotton makes, and texture of it, it just freaks me out and makes me sick. I can use Q tips but cotton balls are out of the question. Halloween and Christmas are especially hard holidays as their decoration involves the worst kind of cotton: pulled apart to look like spider webs and snow.

i told some people in my info processing class because we had to type a paragraph on one of our fears. ever since they randomly come up to me through out the day an surround my with bags of cotton balls, its terrible.

Even my girlfriend has tried to scare me with them, just because she didn't believe i was really scared. i just decided to write to you guys because i see that there is no name for this fear, i have found many others with this fear and i am somewhat offended by the overlooking of my fear. please add it to the list.

Thank you

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