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I also suffer from this phobia
by: Anonymous

Hello Friends, Surprise to see you all having same problem. I am 28 year old male.

I am also suffering from same phobia since my childhood. People made me laugh at me & also had made FUN with me by putting cotton at me. I cannot see at RAW cotton, & it makes me very tense when I have to stay nearby cotton.

What i feel, we are having a SPD (Sensory processing disorder), as the color of cotton, & its texture, material information can not process in our mind, thereby it scare to us.

I also tried to get rid of that fear, but as time passes, the fear get away a bit little, it means I can stand near by (about 3-4 feet distance ) cotton, & concentrate it, but when I feel about to touch it & mix with it, it gave me scare.

As far as, if it is my concern, I feel I am having a problem with Sensory processing disorder, as white color of cotton, & its texture scare, but if cotton is died with other color like shard RED, GREEN, BLUE etc., then I can stand near by ( almost at 0 distance).

Till date there might be a solution of this phobia, but friends, try it with different color then come to know, it you suffer from white color or material.

me 2
by: Hannah

im 12 and r scared of cotton balls too, like sheets and stuff r no prob but the actual cotton balls just mak me clench my head in my hands and fall on the floor cuz my brain cant take it. Texture is a huge part of it. wenever i see 2 cotton balls toutching or rubbing I FLIP OUT! so bad tht i hav 2 be asleep wen my mom takes off my nail polish. it hurts my head like crazy. my fam and ffriends r always making fun of me and i usually scream cuz they throw the cotton at me. its strange and odd but ur not alone :)

Same here.
by: Anon

I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I'm 16, and they freak me out too. It's the texture thing that makes me cringe at the very thought.
And I feel for you, with that thing at of my friends put cotton balls in my pencil pouch when I left the room, and then one in my lunch box when a looked away. Ugh.

by: Jamie Lee

I also suffer from bambakophobia (fear of cotton) I remember in kindergarten we were making a sheep with cotton balls and I've been scared of it since then. I can touch anything that feels like cotton. It litterally makes me sick to my stomach. I get goose bumps feeling it and feel sick when I touch it and start gagging. My stomach starts to feel empty and my heart starts to feel heavy. People have always laughed at me when I told them I wouldn't touch a cotton ball. The noise it makes when you tear it gives me shivers. thinking about it is making me nausteated. I have people that will try to throw cotton feeling material at me or cotton balls. they think its funny. But i am truely scared. For the longest time i thought it was just me but have found that there are many people who are bambakophobic and it is a real condition. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!!

i have a fear of cotton balls too
by: Anonymous

from what i can find, the fear of cotton balls is called babakophobia. for as long as i can remember i have allways cringed at even the word cottonball. it hasnt gotten any better even just writing about it now is giving me anxiety.....good luck

by: Katelyn Chrisman

WEll the fear of cotton balls is very awkward. My best friend hates them . i didnt beleieve she was scared of them last year and we all chased her with them. she tottaly freaks out!i wish their was soemthing to make me understand this. i am trying to figure out if there is a cure for this fear.

Im afraid of cotton balls too
by: Angie

hey you arent alone. im deathly afraid sheets and clothes dont do nuthin to me juss cotton balls. im glad theres sumone like me. i dont feel stupid

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