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Balloon popping
by: Anonymous

I have very sensitive ears. Every time a car backfires, a balloon pops or there's fireworks my ears hurt. To this day, ( I'm 28) & still can't stand balloons being popped. I ran outside when my balloons were being popped.

by: Anonymous

Same, my ears hurt when ever a loud sudden sound occurs, I usually try to either put all the balloons in one place at a birthday party, or if someone is popping balloons, I "dare" them to pop every balloon, then I either go in a different room or cover my ears in a manner that isn't noticeable . After that, there are usually no more balloons left to pop. But it still is embarrassing having to go through all this trouble for my ears...

i am a sufferer too
by: T

hi dude, i'm just the same and dont understand it either. i've had this phobia since i was 5 and im now 21. it doesnt seem quite as serious now as it did when i was little but i still feel very ashamed. i prefer to lie my way out of the situations that bring me near balloons just so i don't have to tell anybody that im scared of the balloon. and the weird urge to watch the vids, i had that too but have no idea why i "needed" to watch them.
Good luck to you, T

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