by Emma

i do suffer from ichthyophobia. i hate fish, cant stand the sight of them and the smell of them urrrgh. i carnt even walk past the fish counter either.

dont go in the sea for fear of being touched by a fish, i panick if i have to go near water just in case one jumps up and gets me.

i dont like even going on a boat just in case i fall in,i would proberly have an heart attack and die if that was to happen.

i think i got my fear from when i was little too, once when i was 5 or 6 ,i was looking into this cannal boat, and i fell in the water and went under the boat for a short period, as i was lucky that some one had hold of my hand, otherwise i would of been a goona.

i dont remember none of this i try and try but carnt remember what happend. all i no is that when i go near fish dead or alive i freeze up and carnt move. sometimes its get too the extreme that i end up being really hysterical and crying, and carnt breath.

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