by Sami

I suffer from Ichthyophobia. I hate fish I don't know why they freak me out so much. I work in a grocery store, and I can't walk past the fish counter without gagging and shaking.

I hate them, I wish I never had to deal with them at all. They are slimy slippery creepy little things that have no emotions. They just swim and people are fascinated with the disgusting things.

They smell like the worst sort of miasma you could ever imagine and when cooked I can't be anywhere near them I WILL get sick.

Honestly even the fake fish, things made out of stone, rubber, plastic and metal freak me out. They don't do anything at all but it makes my mind race seeing them. If I ever went swimming and one touched me I think I would have an extreme panic attack, even the thought of one of those creatures touching me makes my heart beat faster and my breathing become erratic.

My Ichthyophobia might have something to do with the fact that when I was a small child we had a large fish tank. There were two one inch sharks in the tank and every time my dad went to feed the fish the sharks would try to jump out of the tank.

One day one of the sharks went missing. I kept walking through the house on tip-toe thinking that I might step on it, and imagining it's guts coming up through my toes, feeling it's slippery/slimy skin under my foot.

I became panicky and wouldn't walk anywhere in the house or around the building if I didn't have to, thinking that it might have somehow managed to get there. I had trouble sleeping because I thought it would come and get me while I was sleeping.

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