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My daughter has an intense fear of fish
by: Anonymous

This really bothers me for some reason. I live in Ohio now, but I grew up on Long Island, less than a mile from the Ocean. I was always at the beach or on our boat and if I wasn't swimming I had a fishing pole in my hand. I love seafood of all varieties, etc. This is why my daughters ichthyophobia bothers me so much. We have a boat and its gotten so bad that she won't go in the water anymore at all. 100 degrees out, etc - she won't go in the water - not because she is afraid of a fish biting her or something, but rather the thought of one touching her in any way. Mention fish at mealtime and she can't eat.

Anyone know of a way to cure such a phobia?

by: Anonymous

Weird! I really thought I was the only one with this problem... I live in the mountains and all that my friends and family like to do is swim, boat, and camp. ALL OF WHICH INCLUDE FISH. I have been teased most of my life for my reaction towards fish. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety! They are gross, meaningless creatures with the look of death in their eye! No joke, dead or alive, they all look the same!

When I was younger, around 5, my older sister and her friend took me out on the lake in a giant inner tube while my Dad was fishing. It was one of those tubes with the netting over the bottom so you could sit on top of it if you flipped it over. We were far into the water and the girls acted like they got pulled in by "something". They hid underneath the net in the opening of the tube for what seemed like forever! I was sure they were dead and I had the worst panic attack of my life.

I used to feel afraid of lake water, but my Ichthyophobia has become clear now that every aspect of fish, crustasions, tuna, even tuna cans! Freak me out! I think it might be a mix of the unknown as well as fish after what my sister did... Haha, thanks sis, you really did a number on me!!

Fear of fish brought on from a bad childhood experience
by: Ian

I'm also deathly afraid of fish. I will not go in any type of water other than a swiming pool. It goes far deeper than just not liking them, it still bring back painful memories. I've missed out on many a camp out of boating trips along the river in case their is fishing involed. Even the smell will make me sick and I have to bypass any type seafood at the store. I can look at fish on the TV because I know I'm safe, but anything other than that..forget it. I know exactly where this fear of fish, lakes, the ocean and especially rivers that you can't see into very well and I really hope this man is either dead or is locked up somewhere and suffering.
I was in treatment for it, that helped. It least now I can stand somewhat close to an open body of water and IF i can see everything around I can put my hand in the water for a breif second, also I can now watch fish on the TV or from a very safe distance. My wife and children are very supportive (the children know that I just hate them, but don't know why). They all know not to joke around or bring fish into the house as I will not do well with it at all.
I've learned to adapt to it pretty well, I know what may happen if I'm around fish and just do my best to avoid it ie:- places to eat can still be a challege

by: Keith

I have the same problem. I have no idea why I hate f*** so much but just the smell of tuna makes me reach down the toilet. I can't swim in the sea or in a river, just the though is enough to effect me. When I get problems I get all panicy and start getting the jumps although it passes very quickly. Although it doesn't bother me, I would love to find out why I'm like this. aparently when I was about 6-8 I went fishing with my Cousin and Uncle but I have absolutely no recolation of it so maybe something happened then and I can't shake it.

Me too
by: Anonymous

I suffer from an intense fear of fish as well. Nothing in my childhood though. They just scare much...

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